2-10 [Assassination by carbon dioxide]: One of the best ways to covertly kill a subject with suffocation

Spending several days almost just on the bed, I thought I could go through this torture without death. However, I jumped up from the sleep on one day with a suffocation. I felt like losing an oxygen rather than not breathing.


I had no clue what was going on, but I ran to the other room at once, and then, I could calm myself down. A short time later, I felt suffocated in the next room as well, which occurred while I was awake. There was something wrong with an air in the room and actually I felt the wind on my face at the same time.


I noticed it was one of the usual harassment, but I had no idea how they run its operation. In this occasion, I tried to light up my tobacco to stress out, but it did not catch a fire, which just occurred when I felt the strange wind on my face.


The air-conditioner is buried into the ceiling in this room which was easily controlled by the upper room if they created a hole. Actually, they drilled many times on the upper room so that I knew it was possible. I tested many times and confirmed that the wind came from this air-conditioner even if it was shut down. Although, I had no idea why it did not catch a fire for a few days, but it was a fact that the lighter did not work even if I prevented its air by my hand.


I also became suffocated when that air started to blow, and then, I realized that it was not a normal air. That was most likely a carbon dioxide, which was also the most convenient. Even if it was not true, that air does not contain an oxygen, which was why I felt choked when the wind came from the air-conditioner.


Then, I continued many trials to light the fire and finally confirmed it was not normal, though all of the sudden, the wind became stronger and cooler to lower the oxygen level in the room, nearly impossible to breathe.


I needed to open all the window at my apartment, which was another disaster as the savage drilling roared during the daytime. I was mentally on the verge not to do anything at all originally, but the loud drilling made my life much harder. But it was the only option I could take at the time to survive.


That carbon dioxide was still a threat to me even if all the window was opened, as the wind blew an original air in the room to be replaced by the cooler carbon dioxide as the time went. I needed to circulate the air to counter its danger and sent the other wind from the window side by the portable fan. It saved me and I can breathe normally again, but it was not all the time. The air-conditioner wind was sometimes directed toward my face, which still lowered my oxygen level. The only option I can take was to live just next to the fan or stay a place where I could go over there if something wrong started.


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