2-70 [Faked alarm]: False intel was delivered to the community for a gaslighting

The police gave a false alarm to the community concerning on me. There were multiple warnings, though no idea how many. I at least have had one concrete, which was proved by the witness. It is not the Chinese burglar case written previously, which was more like categorized as the intelligence operation rather than a false intel.


Their intention was clear at this issue that they would like to mobilize more ordinary people for the operation against me. The police department has had an enough resource to place on my case, contrarily to other intelligence organizations, though sometimes it was not enough at that time. Therefore, they decided to avail the people in my community for a gaslighting with a false information against me.


The police assumed it was more effective to oppress my psychology when the neighbors were availed for the gaslighting. However, they could not have been used when asking a support for their operation, hence the police at first provided the false alarm and manipulated the ordinary people.


If they believed I was a felon to be arrested, they might have treated me as such when seeing me in the community, while the police intelligence could leverage their manpower to other operations.


This is a fact which can be proved by the witnesses. There are no other organizations to be trusted that much and penetrated into the society than the police, whose credibility was abused for my case, which cannot be the only case they have plotted.


The community safety section in the police department is in charge of a contact with each local community, which cannot be commanded by the police intelligence. The only one who can mobilize both of them were the local police chief especially when he had a career within the intelligence.


The local police intelligence is also commanded by the national intelligence division whose power easily overrules the local chief. It implied the intelligence was necessary to place one of their men at the local chief to conduct the operation against me. That was how the whole police department was involved in the gaslighting.


There are generally two purposes for this operation, to press a false charge with a false confession or to let a subject to demolish the community. In the end, the police can render the subject harmless, socially or physically. In the latter case, there is a damage expected, though they always believe it is a cost to secure the social safety.


I am absolutely not the only victim of their crazy operations. They have been many cases to mobilize a local community with a false alarm, though I still don’t get why this has been necessary.


It is so easy for the police to deceive the ordinary people and community, though there is no righteousness on this manipulation. In the end, they should tell a lie after a lie, as far as not rendering the subject harmless, but it won’t continue for long. The mistake is at the start when their courage is insufficient to admit they are totally wrong.


If they run an operation within a small community like mine, it is more than a gaslighting, but spying or monitoring each other. If the anonymity is high, it is categorized as a gaslighting, but if not, it is a personal problem. If the subject is exploded by this operation, its damage should be so devastating in the community.


I tried to calm myself down, but it was an effort, not a natural outcome. I still had a psychological allowance and realized a whole fuss was created by the police intelligence.


At that time, I got many false claims that I was involved with many critical criminal cases, hence I knew this existence. The police intelligence even deceived the attorney general to keep a legal investigation against me, which was already revealed when I was back home.


That was why I could contain myself and there were lots of people deceived by the police, though this was not an isolated case. There have been plenty of others who became subjects of the similar case, eventually mentally exploded to assault their local community.


The police intelligence can say that the subject becomes harmless in any way, which is their initial target. However, is this damage really necessary to the community? In my understanding, the police or intelligence officers have no right to choose who can live or die.


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