2-71 [Bug operation]: Actual bugs are used to irritate my nerve

The false alarm and gaslighting had been their main operations frequented quite often, which was followed by the bug operation. The insects were also prepared to damage my mental to accept their false charge.


It was not started directly after I went back home and there was a lag of several weeks. They needed to be familiar with my dog, obviously requiring some time to break into my house unnoticeably during the night and day.


In any way, there were many bugs placed into my house, especially in the bathroom. I have the custom to take a longer bath and read a book if nothing else to do. It is also one of the places easily accessible, even if I was at home, as the window is open with a mosquito screen for the ventilation.


The bathroom is a closed area, hence once the bug is placed, it will stay there mostly until death. They continued this operation quite often, several times a week during my stay at home.


Actually, I was a subject of the same operation in Hong Kong, which was why they did the same at my home. This plot has been categorized as the torture even in the CIA report, which is one of the ways to weaken a mental of their target.


If a bug is harmless, there is no risk of death, but it urges a sense of unfairness. The Chinese intelligence used a harmful insect, though the harmless can be used for a torture as well.


This is a police operation, which is also availed by the global intelligence community, though categorized as a torture. I had been a subject of this torture for months and the Japanese police has extended it for years.


A further problem was their intention. This plot was only used for me to explode my anger within the community. Until then, almost all had realized there was no chance to let me accept their false charge with this torture, rather they had waited my anger would become extraordinary to trigger a massive attack.


It was one of the ways to render me harmless, though its damage should be significant to the community despite of no damage to the police and intelligence.


This is one of the critical points for their operation as they have been so careless of collateral victims created by their crazy plot. My case is not the first and there have been plenty of others.


They have not admitted any one of them, even if I am confronting in this way and even though there are many people knowing how wrong they are. They could not hide a truth forever, but their concealment is a damage to the society at every minute, as it might create other victims.


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