2-94 [End of financial investigation]: The suicide of Financial Minister halted all the inspection

The police continued their search even after the attorney prosecutors gave up any cases against me. This investigation was basically conducted by the second crime squad of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, though the torture and illegal conduct were conducted by the police intelligence. The local chief was in charge of the covert operation including this torture and wide surveillance.


In those days, there was another organization still keeping their inspection against me, which was the Financial Service Agency. The Japanese FSA was a regulator of the financial industry and they were in charge of the big insider investigation in 2012. This whole inspection had not yet completed, hence I knew they were still out there to look at my transactions as well.


There was no insider trading in my past transaction, hence they were not able to put me into custody for further investigation. The police really would like to arrest me as they said so, but there was no slight chance for them to create a false confession even with a severe torture.


Their main methodology was a remote interrogation that I was interrogated by the people around me. They definitely oppressed me with an electromagnetic wave to give up my freedom from the fear. They were so desperate to press a charge, which was their only way out.


There was another popular way that they spread many faked information to the media and public, which was designed to reach my attention. They threatened me in this way to accept their faked charge always.


This sounded more like a paranoia, but actually, I have a proof that they pursued an insider investigation with the faked information. I knew some of police officers’ name involved in this intimidation.


This threatening was quite effective as they availed an electromagnetic wave. I was basically confident that I was not involved in any illegal transaction including an insider case, as I took care my transaction not categorized as illegal.


Having said that, I was so nervous and fearful for their each investigation, as I did not remember all the transactions, which sometimes took several days to recollect why I launched its trading. This unknown anxiety was increased by the radiowave, whose interrogation cycle had been recurred for several months until then.


I had no clue of whereabout of the SEC at that time, though FSA was still involved in the investigation. They were a professional regulator on the financial issue, hence the police investigation division had managed to keep their involvement in the detailed search.


They were still pending on a completion of the Nomura insider case, which was why it was sure that the FSA was still out there. The CEO of Nomura Security had been already expelled, though the whole insider trading inspection was not halted for all the major brokers.


I did not make any crimes, but I believed they could arrest me if someone told a lie that I made illegal transactions. I was pretty much sure I could survive through the legal process as there was no transaction as such, which was kind of hard evidence, though they could have put me into a custody to create a false confession.


If they would like to pursue this course, they needed to oppress the financial industry, which was why they had continued this investigation. There were other reasons, but at least for the police intelligence and CIA, this was the main reason to support.


This investigation was suddenly ended in September 2012 on the day after the financial minister, Tadahiro Matsushita, committed a suicide, who was in charge of the FSA.


The police and intelligence kept continued their investigation, but the FSA leaving indicated the formal investigation more or less completed. The leftover was just an illegal operation with the torture and harassment.


Although, I have a huge doubt on how this suicided occurred.