2-96 [Financial investigative authority]: Several investigators worked for the case from different legal structures

The FSA had completed their inspection, but it was not an end of the financial investigation. There were many investigative authorities involved initially though the attorney prosecutors decided to leave away from my case in July 2012 before the FSA decided in that September. It was because there was no crime, even spending a tremendous time on my transactions.


However, I had no idea when the Japanese SEC halted their operation. They were an independent commission from other government organization, whose members were approved by the diet, but nobody cannot interfere their investigation within the legal scheme. This independence has worked to prevent a corruption.


There is a problem, actually at this point. If the police send a favored member to this commission, they can control an inspection of the SEC. Their investigative authority is wider than the police in terms of the financial case, therefore the police can investigate more than their authority to use the SEC capability.


Even if there is no chance of the crime for a tip from the bogus, the SEC has an authority to order any financial companies to research and report on any cases. This power is not allowed to the police.


The FSA has the same inspective authority, but they are sometimes required to make a political explanation when their deed is totally out of the norm. On the other hand, its explanation was totally unnecessary to the SEC case, as they were independent. Therefore, if the politician failed to choose the right candidate, the SEC can investigate whatever they want, even if it is just availed for an intimidation.


That was what happened in 2012 and that was why I had no idea when they ceased their investigation.


There was another critical issue at this point as the SEC was basically understaffed to investigate the industry-wide insider trading case, hence they needed a manpower help from the police department. That was why the police had a stake in deciding how to investigate concerning my case.


Adding to this, I spent more time to work outside the Japan, hence related investigators should have searched for my case, which was HKMA, Hong Kong police, SEC and FBI in the US. I realized they were involved in the investigation, but they were not serious about it.


In the end, it was launched by the spy operation and those foreign investigators were definitely deployed by a request from their intelligence, meaning the CIA in the US case. That was why they were not obliged to search for the criminal case, as it was originally baseless, just searched with unrealistic spy tips.


As a result, the focus was just a trade transacted in the Japanese market. This reality implied that the investigation won’t cease as far as the intelligence decided to give up, including the Japanese police intelligence and CIA.


I still sometimes see a sign that they keep researching now, though everybody has realized it is futile. Until now, the majority has realized that the intelligence circle started this investigation even though they realized I had nothing to do with the illegal transactions, as I have been severely monitored by them for decades.


Their intention has been a threat against me to create a false confession to press a faked charge. Furthermore, they have spread faked information for lots of people to avoid me, whose isolation should have sucked me down eventually with a torture and electromagnetic wave manipulation. They have realized it would not work, but there was no choice, hence keeping this investigation with a torture and harassment.