2-97 [CIA and financial crimes]: CIA operatives definitely gain personal profits from illegal transactions

The CIA had definitely known that I had nothing to do with an insider trading, as I was one of their targets to be severely monitored. I knew who were deployed as surveillants, though there were others employed to instigate me for the insider trading. They provided me an insider information and I told them never to do it again, which was why they knew I was innocent originally.


I have assumed this insider trading is one of their methodologies to hire their target as an asset especially in the financial industry. Looking back my past, there were several apparent instigations, whose only goal was to make me commit an illegal trading.


I was not instigated by their operation, though I was pretty much sure that I would be one of them if trading illegally with their sting operation.


There were more sting operations than the insider trading in my case. There were several stories which, I mentioned, were taken place in Hong Kong, though there were actually more. Some of them contacted me to consult their financial issues, which were illegal in nature and I told them not to pursue that path. These were also sting operations, intentionally or unintentionally, which had occurred intermittently since 2003.


The majority of them have worked as an asset to the intelligence organizations including the CIA. I had been in the US until 2003, where I did not get any instigations related to the financial case, though there were other protocols they had operated against me. This difference might imply that there were different spy teams targeting me in different places.


In any way, I was a subject of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence including the electromagnetic wave manipulation. They have actually conducted several assassination attempts, all of which were failed but they were not hesitant to render me harmless as far as covertly executed. That was also a proof that I was not fallen down by their framing operation.


All in all, the CIA was originally fully involved in the insider trading, which was used to hire their target as an asset. However, this trading is apparently more abused to gain a personal profit for each operative, as it is lucrative enough, meaning the CIA and their spies have been conducted financial crimes.


This issue was not limited to an insider trading, but they were related to the money laundering case as well. That was why the criminals had collaborated with the spies to invite me their illegal operation. The similar structure was seen in the AIJ case, which the CIA had at least known there was an illegal matter for a long time.


There was another doubt related to receipt credit investment. This problem was prosecuted in 2016, though I met some of them related to this issue in 2010 when I was under their sting operation. This meeting with arranged by the spy, meaning managed by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence.


As you can correctly imagine, they had definitely known this crime until 2010. This was eventually turned out to be a fraud case, losing a billion US dollar. I am still wondering why they needed to leave these criminals in large for a long time, though its answer is quite limited.