2-69 [A wiretapping setup]: Police replaced an air conditioner with a bug

I did not know why an air conditioner was decided to be replaced in my room but the police was really needed to install a bug there, as they failed it previously. It was one of the ways to understand what I was doing, which was why they needed to replace it to a new one with wiretapping.


There were two men coming for its setting up, one of those was in charge and the other just supporting him. I had no conviction that the police would come over, but I had watched them closely as there was a suitable opportunity to set up a bug. After all, that was how monitoring cameras and bugs were installed at my flat in Hong Kong.


During an observation over their installation, I recognized the support worker wore a lot longer pants than his legs, which was not adjusted permanently but pinned. It was apparently a temporary uniform, which was unmatched to his profile, aged around 30 with a well built, not for a part-time job as an assistant of the installation.


It basically indicated this guy was an undercover and he looked a lot like a police officer.


I would like to confront him somehow, but could not hit upon the right move. I was thinking about how it went and got a good idea to tell. I decided to look at the cuff at the bottom of his pants. When I just looked at these parts for 5-10 minutes, he eventually noticed what I looked at and started to lose his nerve.


He touched that area to make them mended, but I kept watching irrelevantly, and then, he was more or less frozen, unable to do anything.


He was on the verge of confrontation, but the phone was suddenly rung and he went out of my room. The work was continued an hour from that time point, but he never came back to my room.


He was a police officer after all. The situation in my room was apparent from the house a few away, which was why they decided to remove him from my room before I started to confront him. It was necessary as it was illegal if he entered my room disguising his true identity, categorized as a trespassing. I was at that time thinking how to talk to him to extract his confession, but the police was a little ahead of me.


Although, I got to know two important facts at this time moment, one of which was that there was a room availed for the police surveillance. I confirmed where it was and there were a few others provided to the police monitoring, which I had a proof of.


The other was that the bug was set up in my room in any way. He was not back to my room, but the bug was preinstalled into the air conditioner in my room. I confirmed it with a detector, but its inside was too complicated to be inspected. Although, I believe it was still there as it was, which should be used as a proof as well.


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