2-68 [A sudden death]: One of my neighbors likely murdered by the electromagnetic wave

The man who lived across the street died within a month when I went back home. I had no chance to know him well, but this timing should not have been a coincidence.


The answer is that he was likely killed by the electromagnetic wave. There is no proof and he was said to be in poor health, hence there might have been another reason to cause his death, though a sudden death is one of the usual outcomes of the electromagnetic wave operation.


In my understanding, there were many neighbors cooperating with the police after their getting into the local community, though that house was not availed for the police operation even after it became vacant due to the death.


The police intelligence had generally employed an electromagnetic wave to manipulate a subject’s thought and emotion for a sake of the operational favor. Although, this manipulation sometimes created a disease and death unintentionally, if they were sensitive to the specific electromagnetic wave originally.


I did not realize this technology in those days but believed he was killed by the police, as there were several sudden deaths around me until then. They were basically investigated for a relation to me, which was why I had seriously doubted the police drove lots of people to death.


I did not commit any crimes, but the police inspected many issues around me. I knew what they investigated as they used my friends and acquaintances for a remote interrogation to me. There was a proof of it, actually. Several sudden deaths occurred to those related to this investigation, which was why I thought the man across the street was also killed by the police.


Years later, I recognized there were more people down by the electromagnetic wave. I have suffered from unendurable pains due to the radiowave operation for years, but some of the others were hospitalized due to a damage escalated severely.


Although, it is quite hard to get an evidence of the electromagnetic wave, even for the case in my neighbor. All I can say to his case is that there was no sigh he collaborated with the police and suddenly died within a month when I went back home.


There is another important fact that the electromagnetic wave does not have an influence just on a subject. It depends on a strength of the wave, though the surrounded people were affected in the same manner.


The individuality prevails an outcome difference, which means some might be dead and others are not by the same radiowave. If the electromagnetic wave has killed someone along with the operation, it is a murder not an unintentional death, as the operatives knew this technology was capable of killing people unexpectedly. Moreover, this operation was conducted by the police intelligence, hence they were responsible for this death.


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