2-46 [Police chief background]: A disposable non-elite director

The local police chief was not originally hired as a directorate candidate but he was recommended to become one of the officers working for the national police organization. He started his career from a small police substation, though spending most of the time at the police intelligence.


There were multiple information for the further analysis, beginning with whether he knew the electromagnetic wave or not. This device was introduced to the Japanese police intelligence at latest in 1980s, which was just known to the limited number of officers until 2010s.


If he worked for a covert team at the police intelligence, its odd should be increased that he had already known its capability. I am not sure at this point yet. All I recognized was that this technology was only used by the single line of officers, who have controlled this device unnoticeable to other colleagues even at the police department.


It implies that the intelligence director could have sent his members directly to my region without notice to the other parties. The issue was which was better to command an operation by the same person or not. The fact was that the electromagnetic wave was not necessarily connected to the local operation conducted by its chief. He ran a covert operation and formal investigation, but less likely related to the electromagnetic manipulation.


He was not a graduate of the University of Tokyo. The vast majority of the police ranking officers are dominated by the graduates from this school. He was even not a directorate candidate passing the advanced exam. This is a test for the student to be hired as a ranking candidate of the Japanese government and there are 20-30 students hired for the police every year, against 300,000 officers, expectedly hiring 20,000-30,000 every year as a new grad.


This small circle is a core of the police ranking officers, though this chief in charge was not one of them. There were just three of them in the past and two of them were used for my operation.


As you can see, even if he was not related to the electromagnetic wave, he conducted an illegal covert operation against me, hence once this was revealed like this, he was one to be blamed.


The point was that he was chosen to run this unacceptable operation as a disposable. The ranking officers behind this decision noticed a possibility of the revelation and placed him in charge.


This also indicated that these police directors knew what they were doing was wrong, which was why they decided to deploy the disposable.


I am still wondering why they did not confront a wrongdoing of the police department but treating their guilty conscious in this way. They had known that there were many tortures and assassinations originally. They should fight against the corruption in the police department if they are smart enough to be hired as directorate candidates.


As a result, I knew there were many ranking officers deported due to this operation, but the corruption was not halted yet. They should make this mended. No one cannot leave untouched if they were involved in the criminal activities and this chief also should admit his illegal behavior even if it was an order from the director general.


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