2-38 [Endless framing]: cultivating every opportunity to frame me

I met some of my colleagues and there were a few opportunities I usually assumed and I was ready to accept any as far as I could take for the next several years, but no one could hire me.


On the other hand, the police and CIA took these opportunities in a different way that they would like to use them to frame me for the next move. It was impossible to charge me as there was no crime, but I understood they tried new investigation through the conversation.


All the conversation was connected and some of them were apparently instructed to ask a specific question. I could not tell whether it was a direct order from the authority or not, but at least all of them were not under the normal situation. Some of them sounded even like being also under a severe investigation.


The harassment was continued at the same time even though it was stepped down from the torture. I was watched with many tails, which was deployed to pressurize me to accept their false charge. It was necessary for them to employ me as their asset in the end.


The police really investigated a criminal case against me, as not all of them knew I was innocent. Their intelligence and CIA absolutely recognized my innocence, but they also spread a fake information to continue an investigation. That was why they remotely controlled my acquaintances for an interrogation and changed a subject one after another.


I always shouted that you would catch me if you want, though I could not make a sign for their written statement. In Japanese system, the attorney prosecutor can hold us if we do not sign a statement due to a possibility of the destruction of evidence. In this way, they could lock me down for the next few years until finishing a lower court to destroy my life.


Lots of Japanese people have accepted those statements even if they were wrong, as they were so worried to exclude from the real world. This threat is still vital to the judicial system. Once they have signed it, it is used as an evidence at the trial, which is a convenient way to create a false charge.


I fully understood this system, therefore I made up my mind to be expelled from the society for years to fight against them. However, they also realized what I knew, hence they could not arrest me as it was impossible to generate a false confession. That was why they had recurred a remote interrogation and that was why they made up any reasons to continue their investigation. In this way, they practically succeeded rendering me harmless as far as it maintained.


I thought the Japanese police should have followed the law and constitution, but I was wrong that there was nothing change in Tokyo from Hong Kong. In the meantime, there were lots of acquaintances investigated by the police, hence I decided to go back to my hometown for an avoidance of the further trouble.


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