2-64 [Authoritarian left in the power]: Left radical sympathizers gone out of the police but issues still left

It is hard to tell how influential the left extremist is to the current police intelligence, though ranking officers are being less radicalized through the time. The Japanese student movement had lost their popularity already until the 1980s, which is a population of the current police management.


Before that, they considered to hire some of the student members to counter the extremist movement, or there was no choice to hire all directorate candidates without its background. However, the situation was completely changed at that time and it should be a small number even if they are left amongst rankings.


Once we clean up all of them, the political motivation will be diminished from the police department and its intelligence. The worry for another assassination and political plot is declining toward the future.


However, the authoritarian should be left in the department, which is another peril to the people. They might have no political direction, but they would like to control the power, which targets anyone who opposes to the police intelligence.


The current is still at the state that the left radicalization was more or less over, but still, the police intelligence has tried to hide their illegal operation. This mission has been given to subordinates of the left radicalized directors, though the majority of formers are not radicalized much, not to seek a revolution to turn over the government.


The revolution is less likely and the assassination should be reduced unlike the last two decades, though the current police management succeeded a dark side of the predecessors’ heritage, such as supporting a sabotage of the left extremist or a deep relationship with North Korea.


These issues should be mended that there is no need to unleash the extremist and no demand for them to involve in the foreign affairs.


There is another logic to unleash the left extremists that they are necessary to maintain a power of the police intelligence. If no enemies, the police intelligence is totally unnecessary, which is why they had needed a sizable left extremist intact, surprisingly amounting to tens of thousands in Japan.


Although, there is a tactic to replace these threats to the Islamist terrorist and lone wolf even in Japan. There are definitely a few in Japan, but the threat is not imminent at all. Moreover, I have seriously doubted the police intelligence created several lone wolves to commit a mass murder, though failed to categorize as terrorists until now.


The people should understand the police intelligence and CIA has the capability to create terrorists through the electromagnetic manipulation, which is actually an imminent threat.


As you can imagine, this strategy is nothing to do with the left extremist. It is just a result of the power pursuit of the ranking police officers and CIA operatives. This is an issue we should get rid of after eliminating the left extremist sympathizers from the police department.


As far as I can tell, there have been many damages and victims in Japan and all over the world, due to the intelligence operation of the electromagnetic wave even in 2016. Almost all the important political figure have realized there were many wrongdoings, but still could not contain the threat.


We should understand this threat and fight back against them to secure our freedom.


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