2-65 [Self-determination of spy]: Bureaucratization of the intelligence was too dangerous for us

Looking at what the police intelligence did to the Japanese society, I had no idea why their operation has been permitted for a long time.


In Japan, there is a restriction against control over the police department from the politics, which is necessary to prevent a corruption case of the politician, but this system is abused by the police officers. We should restrict a self-determination of the police department democratically. The government and people can decide what is right and not, taking back a dominance of the police department.


We do not have an oversight committee against the intelligence activity, which is handled by National Public Safety Commission headed by one of the ministers. Sadly, this system does not work properly, as it is almost controlled and manipulated by the police department.


It is better to establish an independent committee in the diet to investigate a misconduct of the police department as a representative of the people. In the Japanese constitution, the diet has the power to investigate the administrative issue, which is perfectly a legal way to restrict the intelligence operation in a democratic way.


The Japanese intelligence became self-determined to protect their organization. It is exactly a phenomenon called the bureaucratization as Weber discussed, but the Japanese government failed its restriction. Eventually, we gave them a power for many assassinations and political plots.


Their necessities were totally reduced after the USSR was gone, which was a trigger of their further self-determination. However, it was escalated to the self-fulfillment at some point with a directional political motivation.


It was a hidden revolution, actually successful somehow, as a result of the left extremist sympathizers taking over the police management eventually spending more than thirty years.


The electromagnetic wave had played a critical role in this process. There were many politicians eliminated by this technology, including an assassination of the premier, which was designed to take over the whole government in the end.


There is another issue related to this, which is how much the CIA has been involved in this process. The electromagnetic wave has been provided to the Japanese intelligence from them, indicating they have been partially synchronized even for the political operation including murders.


It implies there should have been a political motivation inside the CIA as well. I heard a socialistic view toward the world from the CIA, who believed there was a universal righteousness in this world, which can govern the unified world.


This kind of view is actually connectible to the left extremist, which might be the reason why their operation was synchronized somehow even for the political elimination.


Although, I have no idea why the CIA has operated like this. In Japan, there are not many police officers taking an intelligence career path toward the top. There are dozens of the current ranking officers and hundreds including all after WWII. I have shared some of the backgrounds with them so that I can understand what they think more than average.


On the other hand, I have no idea what the CIA thinks actually. The self-determination is universal and their necessity also declined in the 1990s, which triggered more covert operation categorized as a treason in those days. The world unrest is favorable to them in any times, which they learned through the budget cut in the 1990s.


Having said that, I have no knowledge of the CIA directors, who are too anonymous to be researched.


All I can tell is that the Japanese police intelligence is highly manipulated by the CIA, including many political plots. Their operation becomes more covert as a progress of the electromagnetic wave technology, which is why we are wondering the Japanese intelligence is working for Japan or not.


The same question is partially applicable to the CIA whether their majority of operation really works for the United States or not.


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