2-66 [Police trespassing]: Intrusion into my home at the very next day of my return

When I went back home, the police intelligence still continued their illegal conduct, which basically meant that the whole police department had decided to run an unlawful operation.


They broke into my home on the very next day, which was recognized as they left a lock open of the front door. I had no idea whether it was purposely unlocked or just forgotten, but they definitely trespassed my home.


They set up a bug at an air conditioner in the guest room, which was found by the detector I bought previously. However, its eavesdropping wave was able to be switched off, hence I could not find where it actually was.


There is one simple question why they needed to set up the bug, as they have hacked my brain already for a long time with the electromagnetic wave.


My view is that it was necessary to hide an electromagnetic capability even in those days, as it was still kept a secret within an intelligence circle. There were many police ranking officers who had no idea what the electromagnetic wave was about, hence they needed this methodology separated to the other covert operation and the main disguised investigation.


That was why they deployed a wiretapping for the covert operation, even though their way was unlawful in nature.


As a matter of fact, I was a victim of the electromagnetic wave at this place at latest in the early 1990s, hence there were many police intelligence officers who could handle this operation in this local police department.


They separately conducted a covert operation from the other team, indicating they were controlled by the national central office. On the other hand, the covert team which set up the bug worked together with the formal investigation team.


There were basically three sets of commanding lines, two of which was managed by the local chief and the other was done by the central police intelligence division. Precisely saying, there was another team to investigate me in other regions mainly in Tokyo, which provided an information to the local team.


The electromagnetic wave had been apparently controlled by the planning section of the police intelligence, though we cannot conclude how much the intelligence director was involved in this case. I believe he shall talk about this if he continues to work as a government official for the next several years.


In this specific operation, they actually set up the bug in the wrong room as I actually stayed in the other room. This intrusion was useless and they needed to break into my room if they would like to continue their operation on-going.


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