2-80 [Hanging myself]: Dangerous behavior to the possible death

I came to be obsessed with a suicide when I was home in 2012. I often felt it was easier to be dead than enduring a torture, though I did not consider a suicide as I did not want to die meaninglessly. It cannot be helped to be killed, but my suicide was felt to be a gift to the men in charge of this operation.


My suicidal emotion might have started after I visited the local police headquarter to meet with the local police chief. Then, I totally realized that the police never investigated their organization crime. There was an option to me directly going to the court, but the police should hide any evidence or admit a minor crime to leave the main problem intact.


In the end, it was nearly impossible to charge the police without information from the police, which was nearly impossible to happen as well. It means if you become a victim of the police organizational crime, there is no way to counter their whole department.


Having said that, my situation had attracted too many eyes, hence they could not have pressed a false change against me. Especially, I knew their strategy to lock me up for years to deprive my fighting spirit to create a false confession, which was another reason that they could not confine, unlike other targets.


Moreover, other investigating authorities started to get out of my case and the police became the only leftover domestically in those days. There was no way out to me originally, but they also lost a way out.


That was why the police intelligence had decided to manipulate my suicidal emotion higher with the radiowave. I was really stuck and my behavior became weirder from then on. I hanged myself quite often in those days with an exercise tube. It was totally out of mind, but I did it frequently in front of the infrared camera set up by them.


I did not kill myself in its course, though it was problematic enough. There were two outcomes after strangling the neck, one of which was a stoppage of the blood flow to the brain due to a strangulation of the carotid artery. It eventually lowered an oxygen level in the brain, which appeared as the following headache.


If this is exacerbated, the cerebral ischemia should occur to lose a consciousness immediately, leading to the brain death.


On the other hand, the strangulation also creates a suffocation, which lowers an oxygen level in the blood flow. In the end, the brain loses enough oxygen to survive. Although, this individual should pass out at first as the carotid artery is definitely shut down at the same time, then dead afterward.


This fact indicates that the exercise tube is dangerous enough to kill the people, when using to strangle the neck, even without suffocation. I did not realize this fact in those days, though the police should have realized and watched it with their satisfaction that their manipulation worked. I hanged myself for tens of hours in total, which was unsuccessful in the end as I am still alive.


They managed to render me harmless and even to kill me if they were not directly responsible for my death. That was why they employed an electromagnetic wave covertly to kill me before this technology was known to the general public.


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