2-81 [My surroundings suffered]: Some suffered mentally due to their unethical deed

The situation was totally stuck after several months of my stay at home. The police was not able to arrest me as there was no crime and they were hesitant to press a false charge as I attracted too many eyes.


They managed to create my crime but failed all of them but they would not have stopped any illegal activities, as they had no idea how to end. The situation was totally deadlocked, but there was one thing being exacerbated, which was a mental state of surrounding people of mine.


They were basically mobilized by the fake crime alert against me, and moreover, some of them might have got a gain from PIs. In any way, there were many people involved in the illegal operation of the police department.


However, they more or less realized that they were deceived by the police after several months of harassments. They believed they did a right thing, but they eventually realized their deed was so out of their normal standard, manipulated by the police.


Having said that, it was actually hard to stop supporting the police for the illegal activity, once they were fully involved in it, which required a tremendous courage to decline. At the same time, they felt they conducted an unethical behavior, which apparently hurt their mental.


The electromagnetic wave should have had an impact on them, as the wave was not just limited to me, which was another reason why they were becoming so devastated.


The harassment was still within an ethical issue, but the infrared camera was categorized as a legal issue. The courage was actually not enough for them to go back to the normal.


The police still availed them even after they were near to a psycho break. I also became so weird to think often about a suicide to be away from the police torture, but still alive. As far as they could not render me harmless, their illegal operation would not halt, which devastated more people. I was able to recognize how ill they were from their look, and actually, there were neighbors who were hospitalized and dead.


This was still a responsibility of the police, as it was a result of the illegal operation of them. They did not still admit that they did a wrong operation, but is it the right thing to do for the government?


Although, I still have no idea why the Japanese police intelligence should have done that much. Their goal is defined to maintain a public security, but their operation, which means there is no basis for them to exist totally collapsed it. Do we really need this organization in Japan?


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