2-82 [Back to Asia]: Decided to leave Japan back to Asia for work

I decided to leave my home, eventually. I had been incredibly tortured in Hong Kong and that was why I was back to Japan. However, the Japanese police also conducted a torture, harassment and gaslighting at the same time with their investigation.


Their illegal conduct was meant to blackmail me to accept their charge whatever they had created. As far as I was intact in Japan, I thought they would not stop these crazy operations.


As a reality, I would be tortured anywhere I have been, though my surroundings were imminent targets as far as I stayed at home. It was not my responsibility but the police, though it was better for me to move for saving their mental health. That was one of the winning shot that the police got.


I thought to work in another country. It was natural for me as I spend a majority of the business career abroad. My expected destination at that time was Singapore, as I would be killed sooner or later when I was back to Hong Kong. At the same time, Singapore was smaller but definitely the other financial center in East Asia.


Having said that, I needed to go to Hong Kong at first to reconnect myself with the industry counterparts, and then, tried to find a job opportunity.


I had realized I could have not worked in Japan as far as the police admitted their wrong operation. The issue became too prominent and there was no company to hire me as far as the police continued the investigation. The only option I had at that time in Japan was to work for the police intelligence or CIA, which meant I would stand at the other side of this crazy operation. I knew this was how so wrong that there was no choice like that.


If the police stopped an investigation, there might have been a company to hire me, as the numerous corporate managers had known me even before this occurred. However, there was no expectation as well.


In those days, I thought it was a matter of pride of the police department. They had escalated their illegal operation, hence they could not accept my existence, which eventually made it public that they had quite often conducted a torture.


However, it was actually not a true cause of their savage action. They have had a reason to eliminate me as I am a witness of their illegal operations which was not comparable to the torture against me. That was a radicalization of the police leaders and their corruption case including many assassinations and political plots. There have created a huge damage to the Japanese society, which they have tried hard to hide.


The police failed many operations against me to commit a crime and focused their investigation into the financial case in the end. I was a trader and fund manager to conduct numerous transactions which generated a plenty of rooms for them to denounce me dealing illegally.


Actually, there was no crime as I was so careful not to trade illegally with a master degree of law, though they could dig any transactions as an illegal, each of which required a plenty of times to investigate. It was the best excuse for them to continue this craze and to wait for my breakdown.


Looking back this investigation in 2012 and working environment before that, I recognized many weird issues around me. Then, I got one conclusion that I was not the one associated with the financial criminal case, but the police intelligence and CIA have been deeply involved in the financial crime.


I wrote about the financial fraud case including the money laundering, but it was not just an instigation to lure me. They were actual criminals who were hired by them for the sting operation.


The financial crime was all about the money whose amount was so different from the other criminal case. I am more or less convinced some of this criminal money flowed into the intelligence community. This is the only logical explanation for their association, but I had no proof of that. However, I can prove the Japanese police was involved in the financial crime.


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