2-83 [Financial crime investigation]: They originally knew I was not involved in any

The polices and intelligences started to investigate a financial case when I was still tortured in Hong Kong, in early 2012. Although, this way of saying was partially true and partially wrong. There were many people, including me, believing they started to inspect my financial transaction as some of them claimed as I was related to the financial fraud.


That was actually not true because the Japanese police intelligence and CIA had conducted a mission to instigate me many financial crimes at the same time with searching for any crimes whether I made or not.


Although, not all the officers had realized this fact that I had been one of their main targets for years under severe surveillance. These investigators were also deceived by their colleagues, hence the complete probe can be said to start from 2012.


This operation was directed from a failure of the instigation in late 2011. There were many sting operations beforehand, which were well prepared and availed many real criminals to invite me for their illegal conducts. Although, they were criminals and there was no way that my decline became known to many people. However, the operation in late 2011 was different from other involving many non-criminals, therefore this failure could not have been hidden anymore.


Then, they decided to denounce me as a dangerous criminal, which was the only way to justify their failed mission. They also needed to arrest me to satisfy many politicians and colleagues that their claim was right as the fake intel was not enough supportive.


The next move around the start of 2012 was a forged information I was related to the terrorist who turned himself in at that time, though they failed their framing as I had a concrete witness that I was not one of them at the attorney prosecutor office. That was actually a real trigger of their target change toward the financial case.


I declined several fraud cases in 2011 and 2010, which was known to some of them as they were basically sting operations. There were many other solicitations to lure me for the financial crime, but I declined all of them. They had known the whole as I was monitored by them, but moreover, the CIA had actually instigated some of them as an operation to hire me as their asset.


These instigations were not yet recognized as such so that they availed these criminal invitations as a proof that I was associated with many criminals. That was enough to manipulate my image that I was a dangerous offender, which supported their extended search. This extension was definitely necessary as their only option was to press a false charge with a false confession created through a prolonged torture.


That was why they knew there was no financial crime but they spread a fake intel there were a plenty of illegal transactions I made. Their target was to render me harmless in any way with a torture and oppression. As far as this fake intel was intact, their illegal torture was passively accepted.


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