2-84 [AIJ fraud case]: I was said to be involved in this big financial fraud case

The financial investigation was started from AIJ fraud case. AIJ was an asset manager who run a bogus operation to disappear around US$2bn, one of the biggest financial crime in Japan.


I did not know this manager in charge personally, but there were hundreds of them knowing both him and me. In the end, we were basically in the same industry and it was its nature.


However, there was one of my friend who contacted AIJ, when I was trying to find a primary investor. It occurred in autumn 2010 as he was also a friend to him as well. This guy actually did not mention any names but just mentioning profiles of this investor, hence I was pretty much sure it was AIJ, though I did not know at that time.


The AIJ fraud case became uncovered in February 2012 as they failed to report the correct asset account and were ordered to do so as soon as possible. This was made public, and eventually, they proceeded to a legal case.


There was one big issue here that this was a story of February 2012, though I was asked of this case in January. I had been severely tortured since the previous December and still harsh in that January. The CIA asset interrogated me that I should have known this manager.


His name sounded familiar but I had no idea who he was, hence I was so confused at that time. I was asked the same name at four or five times before the issue was made public, and then suddenly realized what it meant after the news came out that AIJ refused to report the correct account.


This basically indicated that the spy knew something wrong with this company, even before nobody realized there was a fraud. Japanese Financial Service Agency, the government vehicle in charge of these industries, did not realize a true nature of this case when they reported a wrongdoing, as the fraud was buried deeper into the financial system and could not dig out any of them yet.


It additionally implied that the intelligence community knew there was a fraud case. Financial Service Agency mentioned it might take a couple of years to investigate into this case as they did not have enough resources for the asset management fraud case. I was so worried of this situation, as it basically meant I might be tortured in the next couple of years.


Therefore, I wrote a detailed memo to them where they should find an evidence of fraud, as I was a professional and accustomed to the hedge fund scheme. After seeing my memo, they were able to get the whole picture within weeks.


Another point here was that how the police intelligence and CIA had realized this fraud case before the FSA. I was pretty much sure it was improbable and the FSA officers should confirm this point if they were allowed to cover my story. The only explanation was the intelligence community had known this criminal case thoroughly from the scratch.


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