2-85-1 [AIJ investigation]: The spy knew there was a crime before the financial investigator realized it

AIJ issue was made public in February 2012, though I had been interrogated about it already in the precedent January, actually before Financial Service Agency was notified this problem. Precisely saying, SEC got a tip in that January and asked a report of the correct asset account.


They eventually replied that they could not comply with it, hence the matter was transferred also to the FSA which made an administrative order to open the account information.


It meant that the SEC and FSA had no idea what the issue was as AIJ did not report anything and no clue how they would proceed an investigation. In those days, there were quite limited officers to understand a detail of the hedge fund scheme in Japan, hence they mentioned it might take a couple of years to conclude.


Then, I wrote a memo to them what the problem was and how they should focus their investigation at the end of that February. That was why they had a conclusion that there was a fraud in this AIJ case.


I was pretty much sure no investigator knew what happened in that January because I was the one who supported them to close this case. Nevertheless, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence had already known there was a crime back in that January, which meant something.


Furthermore, it was in autumn 2010 when I had nearly contacted with a founder of AIJ. They had a faked information that I contacted him at that time, which was one of the reasons why they asked me of this case in that January. It looked a contact as there was a phone call to him made just in front of me, but actually there was not.


Even if I talked to him at that time, there was no business associated with him, therefore it was impossible for me to be involved in his case. That was basically the same as this person who called to him was innocent to any criminal activity.


Additionally, I was under a severe surveillance in this autumn 2010. The operation against me started decades ago, but the current streak of operation began in 2009. The intelligence community tried hard to frame me continuously before and after this autumn, which implied this near contact to AIJ was likely one of their framing operation.


The truth was I did not know him and the only contact was a phone call made in front of me at which I even did not talk to him. Although, this was an enough probable cause to the spy and police to claim I had a connection to AIJ or they could have created a false intel that I was highly involved in the fraud case.


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