2-79 [Electromagnetic wave availed]: Not realizing its existence, but I recognized something weird was going on

I seldom mentioned of the electromagnetic wave at this time of the operation at my home, but it was definitely employed. I had no understanding of this technology in those days, hence it is hard to clarify how it was availed to manipulate me.


Adding to this, it was highly likely that the main covert team did not use this device at that time. There were several covert police and intelligence teams, one of which consisted of officers not only from the intelligence but also the investigation division as well.


As mentioned, they had conducted bugs, infrared camera, trespassing, tailing and other operations, whose intel was widely shared even with the media. This covert operation became so opaque in the middle, but the PI’s gaslighting was not known far-flung, which meant this outsourcing was managed by another team. The electromagnetic team was the same that their information was almost not shared by the majority of them.


Having said that, there was a team who could handle the electromagnetic wave at the local police department. My home was a target of this operation already in the early 1990s, which also indicated that the old type of the electromagnetic facility was installed near to my home, which was still intact for the operation. After all, the electromagnetic operation was conducted against me, when I was tortured at my home.


Actually, I felt that my brain was read externally when I was home, though I had no slight idea that it was conducted by the electromagnetic wave technology. I just thought the operative had a special skill-set to speculate a thought inside the brain from the body and mouth move.


There were multiple wiretappings at the same time. Several transmitters were even set up on my PC, which was one of the ways to claim my opinion to them. Therefore, they had an enough capability to obtain the information about me, which was why I was not so doubtful of the brain reading.


But, this situation might have been a cover of the electromagnetic wave. Bugs, infrared cameras, tails and others, there were a plenty of proofs about the physical operation, which looked like the main operation of the police intelligence and CIA.


Although, the electromagnetic wave was definitely employed, even for the brain reading. There was one book, which was chaptered exactly in the same manner I planned. This book was not published under my name, though my brain was read even at that level.


The brain reading is more advanced, hence other types of the electromagnetic operations should be employed for my case as well. There were many occasions that my temper was burst irregularly. Moreover, this influence also appeared at my other family members, which I was so confident of.


This also meant that the directors of the police and CIA knew that there was no crime to prosecute, which implied that their “investigation” was conducted not to arrest me. Their target was to hire me as their asset, otherwise rendering me harmless, maybe by way of a false charge.


They would like to hide something from the public to run this operation or they were not hesitant to assassinate me for that matter. I was so related to their secret which they should conceal without fail, which was why they had continued this crazy operation.


Although, I did not realize this truth at that time why I was so targeted profoundly.


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