2-78 [Orchestrated media]: So wrong to support an oppressive authority

There is one claim I would like to mention of the media.


There are many ways of thinking and each opinion should be freely mentioned under the freedom of speech. Any ideas should eventually create pros and cons, and moreover, some of them are completely wrong in the end. However wrong they are, their opinion should not be restricted, which is my fundamental standpoint.


Although, there are some people at the media claiming I should totally surrender to the police and government, even though they realized there were many tortures and illegal conducts. This type of authoritative belief might be one of the opinions freely mentioned in the public, but it was beyond my understanding that the media promoted to follow the government rule even if they were too torturing and too illegal.


There was no crime so that there was no reason I should give myself up to the police. I could not accept an idea that the media supports an authoritative government to oppress the freedom, at least in Japan as a Japanese. I am not sure what they thought in their heart, maybe the public security matters more than anything, though it completely denies a rule of law.


They actually had denounced a false charge created by the ill-minded framing on the same paper asking me to accept an unknown crime created by the authority. It was not just a double standard, but fundamentally denying their role in the society.


Some of them publicly said that they were collaborated with the political power to claim the rule of law could be ignorable, though this assertion was too critical. It meant they collaborated with any crimes against me, including assassinations and tortures. Moreover, its assertion indicated that they were involved in any political plots in the past, including to deprive the sovereignty by the electromagnetic wave.


If they would like to assert its crazy opinion, they should have written that claim in the paper that they had killed a plenty of people to achieve their political ideal, which was necessary to create the ideal community in Japan.


If they had no idea what happened actually, they should just reconsider their standpoint in the past that they were unknowingly involved in the crime. The majority of people had no idea of the electromagnetic wave operation and how deeply the politics was distorted by the covert operation. If unknown to this fact, they were not responsible for assassinations, tortures and crime creations. If pursuing their ideal further in this course, they should assert publicly that your sacrifice is inevitable to achieve the ideal society.


Just in case, there were many people in the media as well, who had a compassion on my case, even if their political creeds were so different from mine. Precisely saying, they were the majority of those.


This was a story in 2012 and the majority of them did not realize a functionality of the electromagnetic wave, but they had known there were unforgivable tortures. They basically believed a violence of the police and government is not acceptable in any measures, which was one of the main lessons we learned from the Japanese history.


In many occasion of our lives, we might be oppressed by the governmental intervention and we might endure its humiliation, but it is suicidal to support the violent government, anywhere and anytime.


It might be one of the opinions to believe the government should have a dictatorial power against the people, but its action is illegal in the modern democratic countries and denial of the rule of law.


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