2-77 [Mobilized street gang]: Mobs have intimidated me as a sub-contractor of the police

The street gang is more of a problem to my case than the private investigator. They did not always tail me, but there were dozens of them availed at the operation. Their existence was an intimidation to me, which was actually mobilized by PIs.


At one time, I saw one of their members was fleeing from the scene, who got into the car prepared by PIs. There were several middle-aged men, not a police nor yakuza, indicating PIs who waited at the escape route.


I assume PIs prefer the street gang to yakuza, as the former costs cheaper. In my case, they were not hired for a fight, but for an intimidation, which is another reason why they were cheaper. Yakuza might support them freely, but it eventually cost in the end.


I am still wondering how the police views this situation. They actually condemned the street gang as a pseudo-yakuza around the same time I was threatened by them yelling “I will kill you”. However, these mobs were mobilized by contractors of the police department in my case, which means the street gang is a sub-contractor.


It was not a one-time event, but there were dozens of them mobilized to intimidate me. After all, they were hired to blackmail me to accept whatever false charge created by the police department.


They were not directly hired by the police as the PI was in the middle, though they could not spot me without a help of the police officers. The threat is a real crime, though I am not sure how they concluded this whole picture.


At least at the scene, the police would like to stop a problem occurring. I was so irritated with their intimidation and tried to fight with them several times, but the police officers physically put themselves in between.


This outcome was somehow weird as the street gang was there as a sub-contractor to the police operation. There were several types of police officers who were at the scene and a detective in the tail sometimes tried to stop a fight on some occasions and sometimes backup detectives were called in.


Mostly, they were detectives partially because my house was nearer to the local police headquarter than any police stations. On the other hand, the street gang was mobilized highly likely by the police intelligence.


In the local level, both teams were under a command of the local chief, who was an intelligence career at that time, hence the street gang might have been uninvited if he decided to exclude.


Considering this fact, it was more like to show up the police working as a good cop, fighting against bad intimidators of the PI and street gang. Eventually, this was a system which was played in the actual scene. That was why they kept this situation until they could render me harmless.


Just in case, the local police officers had nothing to do with this whole picture, but following their conscience. Their good behavior was used as a good cop at the scene, which was availed by the ranking officers.


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