2-76 [PI intimidation and harassment]: PIs were hired to attack me as a proxy of the police

Several weeks after I went back home, I noticed PIs were hired to conduct an operation against me. Once this fact was revealed, they gave up a covert tail but started to stalk me opaquely. It was not an investigation, but an illegal harassment, though it was actually more than that.


There were several types of PIs around me. As mentioned, there was an ex-police PI, which is one of the common in this industry. He was actually a manager and hired many subordinates who were in charge of the gaslighting against me.


Many bugs were put into my house from the window, especially in the bathroom, which might have been conducted by them under an order of the police department. PIs were quite actively used in my case.


There were many part-time PIs, some of those were quite young like a high school student. They were hired to harass me, but they were so weird or afraid of me that I could spot them easily.


PIs loved to make a false show of power when working as a permanent. My understanding is that they need to contact with the yakuza for their job, hence they are necessary to show themselves bigger to negotiate with. At the same time, it is one of the tactics to confront with the ordinary people, as we are basically hesitant for a confrontation against the harassment when they bluff.


Actually, I was said many times, “I will kill you” as a bluff. This word is just a pure intimidation. I got many threats other than this, which was apparently categorized as a crime.


This was actually a sizable issue as these PIs were basically hired by the police or CIA. It was basically the same as the police officer yelled at me, “I will kill you”, which is so wrong in our society. It is still a crime of the police department even when covertly hiring PIs to intimidate me.


The police has been apparently an accessory to these crimes, though they tried to disguise this fact itself as far as I know. They tried to show there was no intimidation or no connection to these PIs, which was more wrong. They should consider how to use the private investigator if they cannot control a quality of their operation. At the same time, they should admit a responsibility for any wrongdoing as far as it is conducted as an extension of their operation.


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