2-2 [Joint operation of HK police]: There were a pack of watchers

I lived in Hong Kong when realizing I was under a severe surveillance of the Japanese law enforcements. I moved there in 2007 to work and was still legally entitled to stay there to run the business in 2011, though I had already decided to shut my company down and sought for another opportunity. That was the time when I noticed they surrounded me to watch.


It was apparent but they definitely needed a collaboration from the Hong Kong police to watch or catch me. Even if they succeeded their operation to frame me for a criminal act, they cannot have arrested me without any help from the Hong Kong authority.


Actually, the local police also watched me during this framing operation. The criminal contacted me in December and I noticed many local detectives around the same time. My apartment was located in the winding street so that they deployed watchers every hundred meters. That was why I realized them, but moreover, they treated me as their subject, concurrently.


Thereafter, I declined any involvement of their crimes and the Japanese law enforcements failed their sting operation. There was no more reason to continue this complete surveillance, but they rather enforced it.


This basically meant that they stepped up their operation to the next level to suck me down with a false charge after their sting was failed. You should notice but no one could commit any crimes under its severe surveillance, especially when realized. The only they could do at that time was to threaten me for a false confession.


Although, I did not realize their true intention. All I thought was there should be some reasons to continue their investigation, but what occurred to me was more than surveillance or investigation.


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