2-1 [Illegal sting operation]: The Japanese law enforcement run the illegal operation to hunt me down in HK

The overall conclusion is that I was not a criminal. However, I was severely watched by the Japanese police and the special unit of attorney prosecutor at the end of 2011. As a matter of fact, I had been monitored and manipulated by the police intelligence division for decades, but I did not realize it yet. Although, it was pretty much sure that their operation was no more covert from the autumn of that year after the new police chief assumed his position.


I recognized their surveillance in that December and both of them were already positioned to hunt me down, though there was no crime and no sign of it, but they had decided closely to watch my behavior.


This combination of law enforcements is a little weird for the Japanese legal system, as there is no right for the prosecutor to join an investigation for the person without any crimes. The police is actually empowered to watch the subject under the rule, but the prosecutor’s special unit is not allowed to watch the subject, which implies they had made up a false crime already or deceived by the police that there were to be a crime at that time. They just have a right to investigate after the crime is committed.


There are three special units in Japan for the public prosecutor, one of which was deployed to hunt me down at this moment. Although, another team joined later on for my investigation. As you can see, there are just three teams which have uncovered many critical crimes in Japan by their own and two of them were used for my case. It means those who were deep inside the law enforcement community decided to catch me at whatever cost.


Some criminals threatened and instigated me to collaborate with their crimes under those severe watches. This instigation had been prepared since October 2011 and executed in that December. In the end, I declined their criminal activity and did not commit any crimes, but it is not because I was superior. It was more like I did not know how to commit a crime and had a perception that any crimes should be revealed in the end.


That recognition was nurtured through my degree of law at the university. At the same time, I also knew the punishment was more than assumed always if revealed, which was another reason why I placed myself away from the criminal activity.


A long time has passed since this incident, I revisited it and realized this was a sting operation. Moreover, their act was not permitted in the Japanese legal system. I did not come near to the crime, but they just threatened with a mafia relation and instigated to collaborate a crime, while other law enforcement teams watched to hunt me down. This methodology was out of the law, hence they cannot have prosecuted me in the court.


This implied they had no intention to give a sentence through the legal system, but just to render me harmless through this operation. Furthermore, the whole event took place in Hong Kong, where they had no jurisdiction at all. In those days, I was so driven into a corner that there was no time to analyze what was happening and who was behind.


It took a long time to revisit details of the event and needed more time to realize that it was a setup of the global intelligence community. I was so busy just to survive in those days.


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