2-3 [Chinese spy in the game]: Chinese and Japanse intelligence collaborated to hunt me down

There were a lot of apparent police officers amongst watchers, but there were also other types of them, Chinese spies. I could not differentiate them at first but noticed their differences as the time went on.


There were many spies, one of who always held a long steel pole on the Hong Kong escalator. He always stood in front at the place possibly to stick me through. I could not discern whether it was for sticking or poking, but it was definitely not for the watch but the threat.


The Hong Kong escalator is a transportation system from the central to the middle of near mountain, where lots of people live including me. It is about a kilometer long, which is used for a commutation for surrounding residents.


There were many encounters on this escalator. It was not easy to tell all the tails and watchers, but there were so many intelligence and police officers that I could always discern some of them. My discerning capability was improved day by day.


If I found them out and stood behind on the escalator, they became extremely nervous with raising their guard. Some of them even put their hands into the pocket to show their preparation for the weapon. On the other hand, there was no response if they were not spies or police officers watching me. Their reactions were so obvious that I can enhance my ability to tell who the spy was with continuous confirmations.


This opaque surveillance was enforced after my decline over the instigated crime. Then, I came to think there should be another reason putting me under the severe watch as there were apparently many spies sent from the mainland China, not just Hong Kong police officers.


Thinking through various possibilities, I came up with the most probable answer that I was suspected as a CIA agent. Looking back my career and status with not working but still staying there, it might be appropriate for a spying operation.


That was what I thought at that time but it was actually not a correct observation. Their purpose was to presume I was a CIA spy to be rendered harmless, which was the second step after they failed to trap me down at the sting operation.


Their intention was whether the Chinese intelligence pushed me hard to suck down or to push over toward the Japanese intelligence and the CIA. As far as I became an asset to any spy organizations, they could include me in their circle to shut my mouth up. That was one of the goals for the global intelligence joint operation.


As a matter of fact, their plot was scary enough for any of their targets to fall down. Apparent watchers and tails were not for the investigation, they were there to threaten me, whose methodology was employed after they failed the instigation. However, I did not realize they had worked together and I just thought there was a distinctive reason between Japanese and Chinese intelligences why they would like to catch me.


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