2-20 [Preparation for the sting operation]: Ceiling is broken for a setup of bugs and cameras

The whole story started with the sting operation, which was eventually escalated into the assassination and torture. The original operation was more like an intelligence plot, whose procedure was not permitted in Japan; i.e. they could not pursue a prosecution as a legal case.


It implied their motive was primarily not to arrest and charge me but rendered me harmless socially or physically. Furthermore, they also tried to hire me as their asset, which was an ordinary protocol of the intelligence operation. As you can see, all the tactics indicated this was a spy operation run by the intelligence community.


The conclusion is that this sting operation was meant to entrap me under their control, which also indicated that I was a subject of the intelligence organizations before October 2011 when this operation started. It is critical for me to understand when I became their subject as it clarifies the truth behind these extreme operations.


As written previously, I had already been a subject at least since the early 1990s, whose status was kept as such occasionally with a hard operation. Although, this specific operation in 2011 was different from others as the Chinese intelligence was involved in the joint intelligence team. They have also targeted me for a long time, but this joint operation should be newly built, as they should not collaborate deeply with CIA, Five Eyes and the Japanese intelligence in the past, at least against me.


This sting operation started around when the police chief was replaced on 17 October 2011. They prepared the whole operation before the crime was instigated in that December, including a severe surveillance.


Looking back the same timeline, there was an incident a chemical fluid suddenly trickled from the ceiling when I was in the bathroom. The wall and ceiling became yellow due to the chemical with a smell of detergent; I had no idea what was going on.


Then, a plumber went down to my room and said a floor of the upper room was broken when they repaired it after the resident was moved. They made a hole during the bathroom renovation, which was why the chemical dripped from the ceiling of my apartment. He also mentioned it was necessary to make it mend from my ceiling side as well, not just from their floor side.


I saw him many times in the past and actually asked him to repair the water issue at my bathroom. He was a preferred plumber of that building, but a collaborator or an agent of the Chinese intelligence, which I am quite confident of.


This incident took place in October 2011 and was one step toward a sting operation. They made a loud noise in my apartment to fix the ceiling, which was impossible to endure, hence I was out of the room every time when they came over. It had been continued for days, which was also the time they set up bugs and cameras in my rooms.


They had completed the whole surveillance package until then, including their possession of the upper room for an operation against me. I was in a serious trouble from that October.


This surveillance structure was directly related to the sting operation in coming December, hence the Japanese police was deeply involved in this construction. Actually, the sting operation was prepared from that October and there was a proof of it, which was in line with an inauguration of the new police chief at that time.


Although, it was quite unnecessary for the Chinese intelligence to support the Japanese counterpart profoundly like this, which implied they had also targeted me for a long time and finalized their operation with a disguise to help the partner. That was why they tried an assassination and tortured subsequently. On the other hand, the Japanese police used this situation to eliminate me without admitting any responsibilities.


This was kind of unofficial view, but some of them had already started their covert joint operation long before, which was led by the CIA with Five Eyes and those agencies. There were more evidence that they had targeted me for a long time.


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