2-19 [Cordon in HK]: They got my bait, but my plan was unsuccessful

My mental condition became worse and worse under the torture and severe watch, which made me feel difficult to live anymore. I also felt struggling against the enormous power when remote interrogations were conducted by my acquaintances.


I came to think they would employ whatever methodologies to suck me down as they had no option at that time. If not, they should admit a responsibility of the assassination and torture against me; that was my conclusion in those days. That was assumed to be why they would like to get a false confession from me, whose thought made me feel better to die than to endure an endless torture.


Looking back from now, I was likely controlled by the electromagnetic manipulation in those days. They manipulated me for a severe depression with negative emotions, which pushed me to choose a false confession or a psycho break including a suicide. That was why I was haunted by the suicidal emotion over and over again, though I also felt nonsense to die for nothing.


Then, I hit upon one idea. My room was monitored, whose camera was likely set at some of the broken halogen lamps at the side of ceilings. There were also others looking at my place with a telescope, though my room was completely revealed to spies, definitely monitored by cameras inside the room.


I grabbed one of my kitchen knives to make them believe I put it into my bag, though concealed a true nature from cameras replaced at the broken lamps. I just pretended it actually and left my knife on the table, not put into the bag.


I immediately went out with my bag. Almost all the time, I walked down the hill normally even if realizing there was a tail, though I suddenly ran away from them on that day hence they totally lost me. I continued to run, crossing the main avenue soon after cars were coming and nobody could not follow me. I went into a shadow of the big building and jumped onto the double decker tram. I took my glasses off and changed my outerwear, they could not find me just by a glance.


There were many police officers mobilized to search for me and it looked like the Hong Kong police prevailed a cordon. That basically meant they had a wrong perception that I carried a knife in my bag to end this craziness with a spree killing.


My motive was actually to let the Chinese intelligence kill me. I had no weapons at hand so that their killing should have created an international problem in the end. If that were the case, they cannot get away from the murder and torture, while the Japanese police should have also been blamed as an accessary to the whole misconduct. My death should be worthwhile in this way, which looked like working as the Hong Kong police apparently got my bait.


When I went into an open space at the shopping district, the old Chinese spotted me at first. He looked like a local but definitely working for the mainland for a long time. He stood in front of me and never moved as if he would sacrifice himself when I had made an action.


Thereafter, there were more Chinese spies coming and surrounding me, but they did not kill me. They were so trained to control their behaviors that I was less likely to be murdered. I realized there was no chance. I went to the barber to have my hair cut, the Hong Kong police followed me later on. They checked my bag to recognize there was no weapon at all and they looked at me in the mirror with a confusion and fatigue.


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