2-18 [Framing]: Tried hard to frame me as no crime originally

I started to meet lots of people from the middle of January in 2012 and realized there were spies and police officers behind to frame me for the crime.


They failed their instigation and there was no crime originally I committed, therefore it was impossible to prosecute me in any way, but they tried to find any crimes through conversations with my friends and acquaintances. There were many of them talking to me as the police and intelligence ordered and some had no idea what was going on. Some of them actually went out to get a new order during the conversation and changed a subject directly after. Or, some of the others got an order in front of me through the phone or e-mail.


These differences were created by a different depth of their involvements. Some of them were so ill-minded to frame me willingly. I saw a couple of times to see them framing the third party there, which was beyond my understanding. They were just more than crazy, even if they were assets to the CIA and showed off what they could do.


There were some of them suffered from a guilty conscious and other of them laughing to create a false charge. There was one of my friend who had no idea what was going on, but later stopped talking as he looked like to get an advice not to talk by e-mail. At that time, the different spy tried to frame him so harshly but I could not say what to do even if I knew it was a framing against him not me.


These ill-minded attacked others as they had already committed a crime. It was highly likely they were secured as far as they framed me, though it was not the whole story as they were originally protected as they were CIA assets. I assume they could not reveal their identity to the Japanese police and Chinese intelligence so that it was necessary to pretend they just cooperated with the Japanese authority.


Although, I did not realize this true nature. I was also deceived that they committed a crime and framed me for their immunities. In any way, they raised many transactions which they believed I made a criminal action. It was also a remote interrogation through the spy, as there was no evidence to catch me. As said, there was no crime so that they had continued it forever.


There were many other ways to frame me and I got a trouble with the political opinion and ethics. I totally believe any political opinions are held freely as far as not committing a criminal activity, which means I am a believer of the free world. However, they tried to frame me I was dangerous to China, which was actually not true, but it was also true that I believed the communism and socialism are futile. It was a little easy for them to frame me as I am a pure proponent of the capitalism, freedom and democracy, which was not well accepted by some of the members at Japanese ruling party as well in those days.


My theory was well built according to its line so that their framing endangered my being in Hong Kong. That was one of their strategies to confine me under the torture. This worked better than the instigation and later they tried hard to compel me a false confession or to push me conducting an illegal behavior after losing myself.


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