2-17 [Opaque wiretapping]: They intimidated to show how capable they were

I started to conquer my fear day by day from the middle of January in 2012, almost one month after the assassination attempt. I had still been tortured but they looked like shifting their strategy to have me to talk to others. I was sometimes invited to an interview, but more often to meet my acquaintances coming over to Hong Kong. My torture was still too severe for me to meet anyone, but they asked me to come over, which was obviously triggered by some changes at the intelligence strategy.


I had no idea what had become of me and there was no hope that something would be changed soon. I just reacted and resisted against the spy operation at every moment so that I might have got any useful information when I met them, which was my perception at that time.


Then, my mobile phone started to be wiretapped as these plans were occasionally set just through the phone conversation. At first, my conversation was bugged just at the bathroom, as there were a plenty of taps in my rooms and several surveillance cameras as well. They did not need to intercept my conversation when in the rooms, but it looked like there was not enough room for the bug in my bathroom.


It was so obvious but the sound was suddenly changed at the mobile, always when I entered there. Suddenly, the noise was increased and I easily noticed it was listened by the spy.


The noise was apparently created by a microphone on the tapped line, but I assume it could be killed if they wanted, which implied it was also intended to threaten me to show how capable they were. Or, I cannot deny a possibility that the spy was abruptly required to wiretap the phone, hence they failed to cut off the voice. However, it worked quite well so that they decided to keep a noise from then on to oppress me.


Actually, my room was bugged and monitored, and moreover, my PC was hacked, therefore it was nonsense to believe my phone was not wiretapped in advance for a long time. Although, I had no idea how they bugged my phone.


I have been still using it continuously for five years, but it was recently suffered from the reverb, not a noise. The reverb was created by a microphone which took a sound from the speaker, which indicated how this phone was wiretapped. However, the SIM card was not the same before, hence it was highly likely controlled by the software.


The hardware is also possible, but there is almost no space in the mobile phone to set a transmitter separately from the presets. The SIM should be the easiest way to control the software, but it looks like the software was rewritten by the intelligence organizations.


Furthermore, my phone used to be wiretapped by the Chinese intelligence, but it was now listened by the Japanese police and CIA in the same manner with the past. This apparently means they had the joint operation in those days and still have one against me.


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