2-16 [Killer hornet]: Chinese intelligence has raised a hornet to attack the subject

My mental health had been recovered after several weeks of the torture. It was still continued, but I countered it and adjusted myself to a life under the intelligence aggression. Although, I spent almost all the time on the couch to lay myself down for the only goal to be survived.


The killer hornet flew to my room under that environment. It was sized as two and a half inches just swooping toward me. I was down on the couch where I saw it was coming and then jumped out to the next room.


I took a breath and revived to think how to counter. At first, I would like to confirm where it was and opened door to find it on the wall, three feet away. There was no way out for me to kill it and I prepared tools to strike it down, but it was gone when I was out of the room.


However, it was not the last time I saw it. The killer hornet visited my room many times after that. If closing down all the window, I can keep it out from my apartment, but it was countered to increase a carbon dioxide density, which was not a plan I could follow through. That was the reason why they put many insects into my room including this hornet, even though it was apparently unnatural for the twenty third floor.


As a matter of fact, the killer hornet flew from the upper room. They frequented to my room so that I had time to confirm where it came from and recognized it was sent from the upper room.


There was one issue for this insect that I could not kill it on the spot. It basically came to my place I was so unprepared and just sent before dark. There was a protocol to run this killer hornet operation. It might be controlled by the radiowave, but I have had no clue of it. At least, it was raised by the Chinese intelligence to conduct a covert mission.


I had struggled many times with it. I found out a pesticide spray for the cockroach in the room, which was held at my arm’s length during the daytime. When I dozed off in the noon, the killer hornet was ready to attack me, and then, I immediately sprayed it or just rolling down to get it.


However, it was so smart to run away abruptly when realizing sprayed. It was not the case for other insects and this one was so special to survive from my attack. After several struggles, I found out the escape route which was a ceiling of my kitchen. There was a blindfold area over my sink, which was physically connected to the upper room; i.e. the Chinese spy made a hole which was used as the route for the killer hornet.


The Chinese intelligence cherished just this one. It had the capability to kill the subject and especially could fly straightforward for the attack, while he was super smart to run away when confronting a threat.


The initial countermeasure was to prepare a pesticide spray, which I had continued for several weeks, but then, I realized a lace curtain secluded it from getting in as it was too big to go through a room. At the same time, I can avoid a carbon dioxide attack in this way.


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