2-87 [No crime involvement but]: Spy spread a faked intel to include other investigative agencies

This streak of the intelligence operation started from 2009, though there were many officers and assets around me before that. Their operations have had a cycle starting from a plan through execution, improvisation and failure to halt, which has recurred for decades.


That basically meant that they knew I had nothing to do with the illegal conduct, including the insider trading.


That was why they instigated several operations in 2010 and 2011, mostly related to financial crimes, all of which were failed and escalated. This escalation placed them at a position not to retreat, as their crimes were so profound to admit any one of them, which might have led their organization damaged tremendously. Their only option was to render me harmless relatively openly, to hide all the trace related to operations against me.


They at first denounced me as a terrorist after they failed to assassinate me, but there was a flaw in their theory of my involvement in the past terrors in Japan. Then, they tried to create a crime with torturing, which should be one of the protocol to render the subject harmless.


In this course, they had decided to frame me for an insider case. There were numerous transactions I made in the past, hence they could have investigated this case permanently.


Although, the officers in charge at the CIA and Japanese police intelligence knew that there was no insider trading I had made. On the other hand, the Japanese FSA and HKMA were unlikely to know this fact, as they were deceived by the faked intelligence information.


There was no probable cause that they should have inspected on my transactions, hence there was something wrong with these monetary authorities. However, they were less guilty than those who had known there was no crime at all.


Those spies basically believed that I should have been driven to accept a false charge when manipulating with the electromagnetic wave. They hid this capability to other public investigators and tried to have me a false confession, which was their plan after the failure of instigations.


The electromagnetic wave is a dangerous weapon to crack their target, but they had actually employed more measures than that, as I was severely tortured when they started to investigate the financial case.


As you can imagine, I was tortured with an anxiety escalated by the radiowave, at the same time with interrogations from my acquaintances as they could not have formally talked to me as there was no probable cause. I was just a victim of the government crime.


They called this as a part of the investigation, though their true purpose was to create a false confession with an endless operation, where the insider case was most appropriate as there were numerous trades I made in the past. That was assumed to be the only way to hide their criminal activities at that time.


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