2-86-2 [Insider trading inspection]: Spy knew no illegal but tried hard to create a false confession

I have actually doubted or more like convinced that the Japanese police have created a false confession with this methodology for a long time. There was no concrete proof as I was not fallen to accept, but I have felt quite often intrigued by false charges when living under this anxiety created by the electromagnetic wave.


I felt the life became easier when giving myself up to them. It indicated that they knew quite well how the wave worked to have their subject to accept the false charge, which was a confirmation that they produced false criminals.


The only reason I was not involved in the insider trading was that I intentionally avoided a trade which might be related to the insider information. I recognized that any crimes should be revealed sooner or later, hence I shunned an illegal financial transaction.


As said, I have a master of law and have more understood the legal system than any one of them amongst the trader and fund manager. It was my original intention to avoid any illegal transactions when working in this industry and I was extremely cautious about the insider trading.


That was why I was confident I had nothing to do with the insider case and that was why I declined to accept their false charged even though I was tortured and felt an extreme anxiety created by the electromagnetic wave.


There was another reason that I had made up my mind not to sign any oral statements prepared by them. In the past, there were many innocent people stuck by police framing due to a sign on this paper. Even if it was scripted by the attorney prosecutor, it was accepted as a proof once signing on its document. You can argue the voluntariness of this paper during the trial, but it won’t be submitted to the court unless there is a signature of the confession.


However, there is a critical issue in the Japanese legal system that this accused person is put into a custody until the trial concludes otherwise, which means you are out of the society for the next several years unless signing it. Even if the statement mentions two ways, the subject’s view of innocence and admitting a wrongdoing, it is assumed to be a criminal confession. In this way, the prosecutor sneakily creates an evidence there is a crime to be prosecuted.


The only way to escape from this trap is to fight, even though kept in a custody for the next several years. Contrarily, the police and prosecutor understand they cannot forge an evidence and confession against this target. That was why they could not have arrested me without any reasons, which was why they remotely interrogated me through my friends and acquaintances, as they could not have confined me as there was no crime.


Their only target from the middle of this investigation was a false charge. Or, more precisely, they knew there was no crime when starting to inspect the insider case, just to create a false confession with intimidations and tortures, as they knew I had nothing to do with it originally.


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