2-86-1 [Insider trading inspection]: Spy used my acquaintances to interrogate me

The police started to investigate a blackmail cases against me, but nothing to do with the insider trading. It was actually an instigation that the yakuza-related people intimidated me to join, though I rejected in the end.

This sting operation was conducted partially due to the fact that I was not framed by their financial fraud cases in 2010 and 2011. In other words, that was why they launched another blackmail case, which was failed eventually to trigger an assassination attempt and torture to have me accept their false charges unrelated to the financial issue.

Although, they were not able to succeed any one of them, hence they were back to the financial case, which started from framing on the AIJ fraud. It took more than a month to prove that I was not involved in this case, but they came to realize the truth in the end. That was a start of the official investigation against me in terms of the insider trading in March 2012.

There were numerous financial transactions I made and I had no idea the whole picture of their investigation, though I was interrogated by my friends or acquaintances remotely controlled by the police and intelligence. They raised specific transaction when meeting and I needed to recollect what they were accordingly.

Just a reminder, but I have a proof that they investigated an insider trading case against me. When someone lied about a nature of any transaction, the police had a right to investigate anything legally.

Although, they managed to suck me down at whatever cost until then including an assassination and torture, hence it was not an extension of the legal investigation in nature. There were lots of others at least realizing their investigation was too harsh for them to near me, hence I was practically rendered harmless as far as they kept this investigation.

Looking back those days under the remote interrogation, I was assaulted by the extreme anxiety, which meant that I was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave. There were numerous transactions so that some of the trading detail was totally forgotten and required some time to recollect how it was. I actually spent days on revisiting some of them, eventually confirming I did nothing wrong.

Once settling the detail, I was able to go back for the normal mental state, even though I felt just an anxiety without any objects. If I failed this recollection correctly, I might have accepted their false charge due to this extreme unease.


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