2-99-2 [Spy investigation]: Foreign spies have protected their citizens from the inspection

I had been asked many transactions which I did not remember at that time, and thereafter I tried hard to recollect why I decided to trade in that way to clear my name for me and for them. I had passed through tens or hundreds of cases like this, hence I became accustomed not to be bothered. In any way, I was able to recollect my memory that I did not do anything wrong and my mental became stronger than before.


They asked me of these cases basically by way of the remote interrogation or intimidation at the public place. Although, they clearly mentioned to summon those Aussies right at that time. That was why I believed they were interrogated by spies, but I had no idea how deeply they were interrogated. I was positive in this case as the spy has not been soft as you can imagine.


It is required to add another explanation for this case. The foreign intelligence organizations had secured their citizens and companies from the criminal case in this industry-wide insider trading investigation in 2012 in Japan. They had justified their conduct to protect their national interests.


As a matter of fact, each country can claim their authority against the subsidiary offices whose headquarters are domiciled in their own country. In the financial business, it is quite hard to define where the transaction actually takes place, which is why the Japanese authority sometimes hands over a prosecution to the other related parties.


This system has been also availed to protect their companies under the name of national interest, which was how the Japanese police has lost their capability to investigate the criminal case related to the intelligence. On the other hand, when several intelligence organizations were teamed up, they could make the Japanese police to proceed a criminal case against the specific spy case.


In this case, the Aussie became a victim of this team-up and their nationals were interrogated in the end.


However, there was no insider trading case originally. If they had inspected these cases in detail at first, they would have realized there was no illegal transaction. This fact was proved soon and the Aussie spy showed up in front of me with dressing up to show their gratitude.


It was convenient for them not to investigate in the detail, just to claim there were a plenty of illegal transactions not fully inspected yet. Anyway, some of them had fully realized there was no such a thing, but they had manipulated others to leave some of the untouched issues.


After all, the industry-wide insider trading probe in 2012 was conducted by the intelligence motivation in Japan. There were many illegal and improper transactions they found in the course, though I had nothing to do with them. On the other hand, there were some of the intelligence assets who had definitely conducted illegal transactions but were exempted from the legal prosecution. There was no fairness from the start to the end, which was a nature of the intelligence operation.



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