2-100-1 [Suicide under investigation]: An individual related to the insider chain committed a suicide

I would like to talk about one suicide along with an investigation into insider trading. I have no idea how many people died during the course, but the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and others had definitely driven many to death as usual.


This suicide was one of them that he died from a fall out of a building, when I was severely tortured in Hong Kong, in early 2012, after the industry-wide insider trading inspection started.


I saw an e-mail related to the insider trading in 2011, which he was involved in. The sender wrote to both of us that we could have got a return to buy a certain stock mentioned in the e-mail.


I believe we could have really got a profit to follow this instruction, as it was an information within the professional network. I actually did not know the outcome as I put myself away from these transactions, though it is still a difficult issue to define this either legal or illegal.


This e-mail is not enough to prosecute a trader as guilty, requiring more than just gaining a profit to buy this stock. However, this information was potentially an insider and was categorized as such when knowing it.


Practically speaking, you might avoid an illegality if the information is uncertain like this, but I have even avoided this type of information and tried to clarify whether this was legal in nature or not. When I was told this stock should go up, I always asked how they got a conviction or information always. If it was categorized as illegal, I definitely avoided trading with.


It was an unnecessary protocol to practice, though there was a possibility to be categorized as illegal when gaining a profit every time following that instruction. You might be prosecuted to know the information is illegal in nature inclusively. I even avoided this type of situation, hence there was no way I was involved in the insider trading case.


When I got this e-mail, I also sent back to him that I would not trade on this and he never gave me the same kind of information again. This initial decline was quite important as the information might be escalated into the apparent breach in the end. As said, I declined it, but the other receiver looked like to trade with this for a long time, which was actually written as such.

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