2-99-1 [Spy investigation]: They have had a capability to investigate a financial case, as they have professional assets

Almost all the investigative authority had given up their case against me until the end of 2012, though the intelligence circle was left over. The Japanese police had also continued their investigation, especially led by their intelligence division. However, their capability was limited in the financial case, if there was no support from the professional inspectors. As a result, they have proceeded more illegal conducts than before to oppress me.

On the other hand, the foreign intelligence organizations had no authority to pursue a legal case against me. Their capability of financial investigation has been definitely better, as they have hired many financial professionals as their assets, but they could not have found anything illegal in my case, as there was none.

In the end, one of the main investigative targets was to create a false confession with a created charge, which implied they had already lost their motivation to pursue a legal case against me and tried hard to crack me down mentally. In this way, they could have shut my mouth up to hire me as their asset, if possible.

In my understanding, the last investigative targets were Aussies. I had no idea how they interrogated my counterparts, though some of them were directly confronted by the intelligence officers.

At that time, I was in Indonesia and had a quarrel with Australian spies. This crash occurred unexpectedly, which was treated as a misstep of the Aussie intelligence. Other organizations started to capitalize this situation and decided to raise an insider trading case involved in Aussies. There was no such a case, but I understood what transaction they talked of from a communication with them.

They blackmailed me to become a spy otherwise they would have proceeded an investigation against these cases. I declined their offer immediately and they definitely started an interrogation against them, though I had no proof yet.

This had been a frequent protocol during my investigation, which started from a probe on my transaction, which they believed was an insider trading. There was no trading like that, but there were many transactions I totally forgot why they were placed, which took several hours or days to recollect all the memory.

I have intentionally avoided an illegal transaction, which was why I knew I was innocent, though I felt unease when asked a trade which I had not remembered. I needed a confirmation that I did not conduct anything wrong, which required recollecting the trading rationale.

They employed an electromagnetic wave to create an unnecessary anxiety and despair during my recollection process. It does not matter whether there was a crime or not, but they could have driven me to the edge in this way that they believed I would become their asset in the end.

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