2-28-2 [Arson operation]: Also a collaboration of the global intelligence community

This fire was one of the reasons why I moved to the next residence where I was, bugged, monitored and tortured. I got a struggle with the property management company, who was responsible for paying the damage after this fire and it was highly likely that my rent should jump up at the next offer price.


Their motivation was simple that they would like to locate me where I was easily controlled physically. I am not sure how minutely they designed a detail of the intelligence operation, but this fire was set up to drive me to that place. This is a proof that the Chinese intelligence already decided to run an operation against me in early 2009.


That was the job only capable by the Chinese authority, as they should cut the fire alarm of the whole building at the same time, not just for my room. Foreign spy organizations could conduct this operation solely in Hong Kong, but it was impossible for others to hide a detail of this incident. In any way, there were lots of people related to the outcome and I had been a subject of the intelligence community for decades.


Although, I am not sure how deeply the CIA was related to this arson operation. This previous apartment was too high in the middle of mountain and it was impossible to look over my place closely from the outside, though the next one was easily overlooked by the building in front.


The monitoring was one of the reasons why they decided to move me, but in the end, the torture was executed in this place. This methodology should be originally at their option, which implied the CIA and Japanese police intelligence should be involved with the fire in my room.


Actually, there were many entrapments to make me commit a crime even before 2009, though I declined these illegal transactions so that it was likely they escalated their plan from this time. Especially, the Japanese police intelligence escalated their operation against the Japanese politics in the same period and mine was one of its related.


I assumed this arson operation was a start of the current streak of operations. They gave up the previous instigation as they had failed it for several years, and their measure became extreme to the assassination and torture in the end. On the other hand, they conducted this operation internationally, hence they caught more eyes than before, triggering a revelation of their past criminal activities.


There was one more thing which I still don’t know. I understood why the CIA and Japanese police intelligence would like to render me harmless even risking the whole revelation, but I had no idea why the Chinese intelligence was involved deeply in this case against me. Their past criminal activity was also uncovered and they were sent to the jail, earlier than the Japanese and US officials, but I had no idea why they took that risk.



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