2-28-1 [Arson operation]: The most predated evidence of the Chinese intelligence involvement

Looking back further of my life in Hong Kong, I got another predated incident. My room was caught in a fire in early 2009.


I still have an evidential photo of this case, as I did not agree to pay for the renovation and kept it if it had proceeded to the legal matter. The management company and I had discussed for a month who was responsible for this event and eventually they paid all of them.


They should pay its damage by themselves, as I was not in Hong Kong when one of my room was caught a fire. I went a business trip to Tokyo and the fire was put out already before I was back there. I was totally irrelevant to this fire from the scratch to the end.


When I opened a door of my apartment, I smelt something burnt. I had no idea what it was and opened a door of the kitchen room and saw it was half destroyed by fire. Although, the only kitchen was burnt and sooted up, and there was no damage in other rooms.


The ventilating fan was dropped off onto the kitchen with the melted propeller, which looked like an obvious cause of the fire. I guessed it was fallen with a trouble to ignite a fire when dropping down to hit a surrounding structure.


Surprisingly, that was all the damage and there was no spreading fire to the other room. I also guessed how it was possible and came to a conclusion that the door was closed so that there was no additional air to progress the fire, which was why it was halted just in the kitchen room, no other damages to my other rooms and the whole building.


The human being in nature tries to find a reasonable answer for the incident. I realized there was a flaw of my conclusion that the air duct was completely connected to the outside to provide further oxygen to burn the whole. When it was conducted by the spy, there was no complicated explanation. They just came to my apartment to cut off the fire alarm and fired just the kitchen. In this way, no one can argue later on as the Chinese intelligence was so authoritative out there.


If not accepting this fact, it is usual to seek another reasonable explanation with physically plausible, including me. It holds true to the electromagnetic wave that I explained it theoretically, which was complete enough, but the issue is there are a quite limited number of people to claim the true nature of it. There is no better explanation than mine, but I was not convincible enough to counter the intelligence disguise operation.


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