2-27 [Helicopter encounter]: Not realized what it meant as I did not have an intel of myself

I had been a subject of the police intelligence for a long time, but the current streak of operations at least started from 2009, when tracing back the evidence. Just to clarify it, they conducted many operations against me in the past, but it was not a streak. They run some for years, failed all, left me with a setup and came back later on for the next, which was their operational cycle and I can trace back the current streak starting from 2009 at least.


On the other hand, I already showed that the Chinese intelligence targeted me at least in the middle of 2011, which actually started from much early year. There were a couple of incidents as an evidence, one of which was an encounter with the helicopter.


This event occurred in the spring of 2010, which was confirmed through my blogging in Japanese. I went to walk in the Lamma Island, one of the remote islands in Hong Kong, where I saw an incomprehensible helicopter.


In those days, I often trekked in the mountain and expanded its excursion to the remote islands. My plan was to cross Lamma Island on that day, but it was too short for a whole day, so that went south to climb the hill for seeing the South China Sea. There was a Chinese arbor on the hilltop, where I took a rest after climbing up. When I got there, there are several others but I became alone without soon while watching the blue ocean.


Then, I heard a sound of the helicopter, which became louder and louder, eventually it rotated around the hill where I was. It also started to descend to my level, when I watched how it went on. Sooner or later, it came down 20 yards from my place, hovering there and one of their crews leaned forward to watch my behavior. It had continued for several minutes and flew away without any incidents.


It was a helo belonging to the Hong Kong special administrative region, not to the People’s Liberation Army of China, as I saw its sign on the airframe. That was one of the reasons why I was not scared, but more like, I encountered a weird incident.


Although, I am pretty confident that it flew over to watch me, whether I was going to contact someone on the hill or not. They had conducted a secret investigation on me and this might have been a chance that I would meet a handler at the unpopulated remote island. Or, there is another possibility that I was a member of the criminal organization to meet a contract there.


Precisely saying, there were several false information that I knew, one of which was I was a member of the drug cartel. There were also other intels that I was working for the CIA or MI6, though they should dismiss the information I was working for the Chinese intelligence. They were all false, but I knew they had this kind of information, which was tipped to the Hong Kong police as well and it was highly likely that they had known it until then.


In any way, this incident was a proof that I was watched at least until then. They not just sent a helo to watch my conduct, but also pressurize me to judge whether I was really doubtful or not. This was an action of the Hong Kong authority, but it also meant that the Chinese police was also concerned about my existence.


I am still wondering why the Chinese intelligence put me under their surveillance. I almost understood why the CIA and Japanese police intelligence were so tireless to hunt me down, as they have had something to hide, which I was a witness of their conspiracy, though I had no idea why the Chinese spy also wanted to render me harmless.


At least, some of Hong Kong police officers should have understood that I was irrelevant, as I could not have understood why the helicopter was there. If I were a spy, I reacted in that way against their threatening. But I just watched its strange encounter and they should also realize that I had no idea what was going on. If noticed, it might be one of the pretty scenes of the spy movie.


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