2-26 [Spy meeting]: I noticed it spooky even though generally unnoticing the intelligence operation

I met with spies in the middle of 2011, when their intelligence operation was relatively idle, in between the hard push in 2010 and late 2011. Looking back my past, I realized that I had met so many spies, which took place in various countries surely including Hong Kong. Each intelligence organization has their own purpose of contacting me, all of which were unnoticed to me in those days, except this case.


In most of the cases, the spy is one of the gathering, one of my contact of the daily life or one of my acquaintance, but all of them were spies at that time. I did not realize an existence of the spy in my life until they failed an apparent assassination, but I knew something wrong with them even during talking to them.


One of acquaintance came over to Hong Kong, asking me to go out for a drink. We got a dinner and he asked me to go to his friend’s house nearby. There were four other people who looked quite normal, but the discussion was not a common subject of talk the night away. The subject was mainly about the Asian history, current problem and politics including how the democracy worked. I studied those so that I was accustomed to talking about them, which was OK to me, but it was weird as I was just answering their question and concern.


Then, the subject was transferred how I analyzed the past and current red China. In basic, I provided how to analyze the issue from the political science point of view and also raised merits and demerits of the current Chinese governance, including the present issue.


There is one another thing I remembered during the conversation that they suddenly started to discuss how it proceeded. I had no idea what they were talking about but realized clearly that they had their own agenda to invite me over there. I thought I might get to know what it could be and talked to them till the morning, but I could not confront it.


This was why I recognized it highly probable that they were spies. In my guess after lots of incidents, they wondered to ask me to join over their intelligence team or to quarantine me from the society. There might be another reason, but all I could do is just to speculate.


It is mainly because I have no idea which organization they belonged to at that time. They were definitely Chinese, which meant they are spies associated with the Chinese intelligence or CIA. We had a conversation in both languages, Chinese and English, but still, it was not a deciding factor.


In any way, the truth is that the intelligence organization closed down my future direction and this was one of the moment that they gathered information how to treat me in the next move.


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