2-25 [Solicitation case]: Probable instigation case, though not confirmed

I was solicited to give an advice for a financial investment in 2011, which was not a fraud case, but it was too queer. This should be one of the instigations as I was asked by the same guy. I did not get a true nature of the client, but the broker told me a detail of the business which the client wanted to get an advice for FX trade. I was good at it but declined at that time as my legal permission was expired to conduct its business.


It occurred probably in September, absolutely before the Chinese set up bugs and cameras in my room. This also affirmed this solicitation was one of the instigations and the previous fraud cases as well.


Although, I have no idea how they wanted to frame me from this operation as I declined an offer immediately. I might get its direction if I talked to the client directly, but it was not the case. Precisely saying, I could not give an advice to them as a business, but I could help them for free as it was not illegal. I thought it was a good to know someone who was affluent enough.


However, they wanted to make it as a business, the broker told me a couple days later. At this point, I realized the counterpart should be professional living in Japan, who was likely to know me that I was good at this trading.


This was the whole story. It was quite hard to analyze the true nature of this, but at least, this was one of the instigations. They might want to frame me to conduct an unapproved business practice in Hong Kong, which could be prosecuted later on.


However, the client should be professional, which meant this business was more than just a misconduct. Eventually if I met the counterpart, I could have understood easily how capable they were, hence they could not use some bogus for this operation. It implied the client was highly likely a perpetrator to conduct a financial crime and the CIA and Japanese police intelligence to frame me as an accessory. I have an idea who he was, but I would like to avoid writing it until its probability is increased with new evidence.


The Japanese police intelligence used this broker for several instigations, hence I am pretty much sure they were responsible to all of the related issues, but it was not confirm how other parties were involved. The CIA was apparently there and this specific sting operation in September 2011 was likely plotted by them.


It is known fact that there are CIA assets working in the financial industry, which is even written in the US government paper. They outsource some of the operations to those, especially related to the financial transactions and I assume this client was likely one of them.


Although, I have no confirmation of it. If this specific sting operation was really a product of the CIA, this should be written in the US intelligence activity. There are two ways of mentioning, one of which is that I encountered a prominent criminal fraud case in the Japanese financial industry. The other is that the CIA conducted an irregular activity to frame the subject to disguise the true identity of its fraud case.


That was the most likely, but it was less likely that I would get the detail as it would be open to public after my death. Although, if this is a big corruption for the Japanese police, it should be disclosed to the general public, which is a duty of the Japanese government.


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