2-29 [Derailed Chinese intelligence]: Chinese torture was unnecessarily executed

In any countries, the intelligence operation has not been fully monitored by the politics. The US politician had no idea what the CIA conducted outside of the law so profoundly and the Japanese politician had not realized what the police intelligence really executed.


The US government has an intelligence committee to oversight the spy activity and the Japanese government has structured National Public Safety Commission to govern the police conduct, though they are not enough to constrain illegal activities of the intelligence community, including assassination.


This reality holds true to the Chinese politics and there have been many conducts unnoticeably committed by their intelligence organizations. China is basically too big for the central government to control a detail of the minor issue.


If any discrepancy for the Chinese, all of the politicians are basically bureaucrats, hence the spy can go up the same ladder to the top, while the politicians are basically elected by the democratic system, who are not an extension of the government officers.


In this way, the Chinese system obscures a range of the political decision, but at least, it is the same that the central government is impossible to monitor all the intelligence operations.


As far as I know, my assassination became more improbable after the Chinese intelligence failed the first one and started to torture me, as the central committee of the communist party had noticed it. I got other assassination attempts from the CIA and Japanese police intelligence, but the Chinese intelligence at least halted it after 2012.


It basically implies the central committee have not controlled all the detail of the intelligence activity and it should be a minimum agreement not to assassinate me within their power struggle. I have thanked them for the fact at least I am still alive.


I came to understand a big picture of the operation against me, but there are many pieces still I have not captured yet, especially for the Chinese involvement. I can at least say that there was no fact that the central committee decided to kill me, and more like, they tried to stop its execution; i.e. stopping a derailment of the Chinese intelligence.


The real issue was the joint operation of global intelligence organizations, led by the CIA, supported by the Japanese and Chinese intelligence for my case. The assassination and torture was conducted by the Chinese intelligence, but this was also a joint operation to render me harmless.


There are some intelligence organizations which are more favorable to me, surprisingly both Arab league and Israel’s Mossad, though all of them have their motivations to involve the operation against me. They would like to get some information from this operation, which was why they joined this to support the CIA and Japanese police intelligence.


But, it is still a riddle to me why the Chinese intelligence was so deeply involved. It was apparently unnecessary to torture me, considering it is revealed in this way. There is a possibility of the total blown up from the beginning so that they can choose a milder option, unless they were also involved with the unforgivable operation, together with the CIA. I had no idea what was behind and there should be an abyss which I could not fully look through.


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