2-30 [Escape from the torture]: Decided back to Japan to avoid a further torture

The torture started from the end of 2011, which continued in the same way still in the next spring, though I believed this would be over sooner or later once my name became clear. After all, there was no crime committed and I could go back to the normal day with a usual job on one day, which was why I was still in Hong Kong to endure the whole sufferings.


As a matter of fact, I had met many people related to the job in early 2012 even under the torture. I needed to wait for the open position for my job application in any cases, irrelevant to my circumstances, hence I would get a chance as far as meeting someone possibly to let me know an opportunity.


However, I avoided making a move from my side even for any meetings I had held. I had been still tortured, and if I called someone to meet, there was a large possibility that this person might be in trouble as well from the unbearable pressure from the Japanese police intelligence. My torture was still harsh, even though I felt it become lesser partially because I was accustomed to its unconceivable life.


They came to Hong Kong to meet me, but there were always operations behind their talk which they were told to do so by the Chinese and Japanese intelligences. They always asked me of the question related to my past activity and tried to uncover an illegal conduct.


I realized the Japanese police was really hard to find an insider trading at that time. It was not the case until that February when they investigated more widely about my relation to criminals, but they started to focus on the insider case from that March.


There was a simple reason for their spotlight on the insider trading that there were numerous financial transactions I made through my jobs. As a reality, there was no illegal transactions nor insider trading, but they could have created many rationales to continue the investigation forever.


If something, I could have already confessed as I had been investigated and tortured for several months by US, Japanese and Chinese law enforcements and intelligences.


They continued their tortures for whatever reason, as it was the only way to prove they were right at what they were doing. It was not an operation to uncover a hidden crime but to press a false charge with a false confession. That was why they let me meet my acquaintances to talk about the probable criminal case, which should be forced to admit with the endless torture.


It took several months to realize the idea why they had continued this whole set in Hong Kong. That was why I decided to go back to Tokyo, as it was so illegal in Japan that they could not continue this torture.


At that time, I thought the torture was solely conducted by the Chinese intelligence and other law enforcement officers were not involved, including the Japanese police intelligence. That was why I believed I could spend at least a normal life in Japan, even if they continued their investigation finally realizing my innocence.


That was a big misunderstanding of the true nature.


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