2-31 [Grateful to a concern in HK]: Thanks for a mental support during my torture

I am grateful to a concern of the people in Hong Kong. I was nearly assassinated and tortured for months, but there were lots of people caring about my being including those who were related to my living. There were so many people noticing and worrying the torture against me.


Hong Kong Island is not a big and the residence area is also limited, hence the information like torture might be widespread easily. Moreover, it was hard to hide as the torture had continued for several months. There was another critical reason for the spread that I created a case to cause a cordon which more of Hong Kong native police officers realized what was going on about the surveillance and torture.


This incident was not necessarily unique in China, though it was only special that I was a foreigner living in Hong Kong. I did not know that the foreigner became a subject of the torture until then and it was also not conceivable that the torture would be conducted in Hong Kong. However, all of us knew there was a torture in general, which was why everybody accepted what was going on as a truth.


It is kind of known fact that the Chinese authority often executes an unlawful restraint and torture, but sadly, the same measures were also conducted in Japan. In my case, it was run by the Japanese police intelligence and CIA.


The difference is that the Chinese authority opaquely intimidates and tortures a subject, but the Japanese authority covertly tortures with hiding a true identity. The electromagnetic wave is a good example that they have killed many people, which is hard to be proved as the wave is invisible. The covert and opaque are apparently distinctive, but the outcomes are basically the same.


It is a fact the Japanese police intelligence have tortured and assassinated many people and also the CIA had done the same all over the world including their home country. The whole fact I mentioned here was run as a joint operation of those intelligence agencies, which also indicates they can do the same torture and assassination independently.


I am sure there are lots of people to doubt my case in Japan or all over the world, but lots of people in Hong Kong have already known what happened to me, as they knew those methodologies were often used. That was why they had a concern on my situation and I was grateful their care. I hope the day will come without a torture and unnecessary restraint in Japan, in China and in this world.


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