2-32 [Starting from noising in Tokyo]: Japanese police tried to hide their torturing capability at first

I thought the torture should be ceased when I came back to Japan. It was executed by the Chinese intelligence in Hong Kong, and they could not run the same operation in Tokyo, which was a natural way of my common sense.


However, Japan was not like that.


It started from a minor abuse. When back in Tokyo to check in the hotel, I heard a relatively loud noise in the room. I searched for its source and found out that it came from the fan in the bathroom, where the outside noise was echoed loudly.


It was not a big sound but started from the very first day I came back to Japan. I was so nervous about the sound that I asked them to change the room as I had been tortured with beeping and water pouring during the whole night in Hong Kong for several months.


Although, the situation was more or less the same that I heard a noise in the next room as well. I had no choice on that day, hence I decided to keep that room to sleep there. In the next morning, it was not just a sound but they started to make a large noise from the upper room. I went to the upstairs for its complaint to find the English newspaper was set up on the door knob. I immediately thought it was the Chinese intelligence that would continue their torturing investigation even in Japan.


Although, it was a manipulation of those intelligence agencies, the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and Chinese intelligence, as they would like to show it was a conduct of the Chinese. The Japanese police intelligence was enough capable to run this kind of operation, but there were lots of others monitoring the situation so that they could not reveal a true identity of this joint operation to me and others.


They needed to place themselves unrelated to these tortures even for their profound support to continue an investigation against me. If not, it might have created a big social problem as many Japanese politicians realized the torture and illegal investigation in Hong Kong. That was why they avoided an opaque torture at first to show their investigation was under the law.


That was why they started from the small abuse to confuse and manipulate me, though their purpose had not changed at all to render me harmless, driving me to commit a crime or to make a false confession. The CIA intention might have been slightly different that they would like to hire me as an asset in the end.


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