2-57-2 [Japanese intelligence politicization]: Authoritarians left in the power

There is a crucial reality that these left radicalized police bureaucrats have employed left extremists for their operation. They can deploy their subordinated officers for whatever operations, but they might have trusted extremist spies more. As a result, their operation has had an influence from the left extremist view, especially in terms of a selection of their target.


It should have been assumed as a terror when the extremist has targeted the ordinary people, but the electromagnetic wave is not yet recognized as a lethal weapon by public. However, they can conduct these operations due to working as a spy to the police intelligence. All of their electromagnetic capability is supported by the police which should share a responsibility for the damage against the general public.


This whole system has been supported by ranking officers at the police intelligence division. The social unrest creates a necessity of the intelligence operation, which is ideally caused by the extremist who is a potential enemy to them. If they mobilize the covert intelligence team to create a mass murder, its revelation should hurt a trust of the police intelligence permanently.


On the other hand, the left extremist sympathizers in the police ranking officers have fulfilled their political motivation in this way. They have controlled an investigation toward the radicals to run a political operation to turn over Japan.


They have to keep the left extremists active for their power struggle, but the extremist has been so unpopular to find a successor. This is a problem to solve for the whole police intelligence division to have their enemy alive and to create a large candidate pool for their spy operation.


Their answer was a support for the extremist to recruit their new members. This should have been totally agreed in the police ranking officers at the intelligence division, though it has a byproduct as well. Not all of the people can be manipulated as they want and its failure has triggered many assassinations to cover a link between the intelligence and extremist.


The politicization was not solely driven by the left extremist, but this ideology has radicalized their operation beyond just an authoritative motivation. There have been numerous operations to achieve the left extremist ideal, the communist revolution, including manipulations and murders. Japan had paid a lot of costs unknowingly in the last two decades, which was a result of left radicalization of some ranking police officers and progress of the electromagnetic capability.


These sympathizers were losing their power, partially kicked out due to this kind of the revelation, but the pure authoritarians are still left in their organization. The student movement was hiked in 1960s and early 70s in Japan, who were already above 60 years old, not many staying in the government.


Their successors are becoming less radicalized to the left and no one is categorized as such within years. However, some of them have been so corrupted and power centric under the covert socialist leader. In a sense, these successors are pure authoritarians who are similarly dangerous to the society. Furthermore, they are the core to run the electromagnetic manipulation.


They are basically one group characterized as a control circle of the covert operation at the police intelligence division, which had also dominated an electromagnetic technology. This team was taken over by the left radicalized police leaders whose successors have been less directional for the political ideal, but still active in the power struggle.



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