2-56 [Authoritaritative oppression]: You should follow any orders including illegal to become an intelligence director

The police intelligence has required an enemy to fight with, which is the only way to show they are necessary. If not, the budget is cut and spent more on others.


However, it is not the sole reason why they have created a criminal partially by the electromagnetic wave. They could run this operation because they are authoritarian, who cannot accept any individuals not to follow their rules. It is not because those are dangerous to the society, but the police intelligence does not like them in nature.


Generally speaking, it restrains a personal freedom to maintain the public order. All the regimes are in between, the laissez-faire and dictatorship. The authoritarian cares more about the public order, which is matching to the police intelligence as it is eventually their job description.


If your job is to maintain the public order, you better be an authoritarian to keep your mental health. Conversely saying, if you are authoritarian, it is easy to oppress the people from the higher command, which leads your career toward the director.


After all, you need to kill a subject as ordered, to go higher up the ladder in the Japanese police intelligence. Your illegal activity should help your perception amongst the same kind of intelligence officers.


In this system, the whole department should be corrupted sooner or later, and there is no way back, as there is no one left to do the right thing. Once the most corrupted had reached the top, its organizational crime would not halt.


Looking back the Japanese history, there was a critical incident that the intelligence director was fired due to the illegal wiretapping against the congressman in 1987. They had conducted many illegal activities, but this incident was assumed to start of the normalization, and moreover, the collapse of communist countries should lower their necessity which should have eventually reduced their activity itself.


However, that was not true. They have employed an advanced electromagnetic wave technology to covertly operate their illegal mission.


Fundamentally speaking, if the number of terrorist activities is reduced, their authority targets to maintain their power and to oppress the ordinary people. Their final goal is to maintain the public order, which is also achievable to restrain the personal freedom. There is just one direction and no optimal point for the balance between the freedom and order.


Their methodology is to create an enemy for the maintenance of their power. The most efficient way is to choose any individuals whom they do not like and to manipulate them to commit a crime.


This manipulation becomes much easier with the electromagnetic wave, which had also been unnoticed for a long time. They got two birds with one stone in this way.


In the end, their target was expanded from the left extremist to the individual who is an obstacle to their power maintenance. At the same time, they have created incidents to kill many victims to keep their necessity, which has made them more dangerous to the society and the ordinary people.


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