2-92 [Attorney’s misconduct]: They have abused their authority to create a false crime

I have still no idea why the special unit of the attorney prosecutor was there for a sting operation and the following torture. I fully understand the police intelligence would like to render me harmless at any costs, but I am not sure whether a purpose of the special unit was the same or not.


It is highly likely that the special unit was out of the torture from the middle, which also implied they gave up to create a false charge. This also implied that they had no intention to render me harmless at any costs.


There are two possibilities, one of which is that they were deceived by the faked police information to be involved in a sting operation. The other is that some of them were also corrupted to eliminate me with the police intelligence. I had no idea which was correct, though either of them was a truth.


In those days, the special unit was denounced by the general public due to their creation of crimes. My case was not publicly known, but this was also known to the media and politicians, adding another doubt on their execution.


However, they fully realized I was not framed for their faked crime creation, as I had decided not to sign the confession which they prepared. If not signing, I would be put into a custody for years, but they could not win over me in the legal court, as I was not involved in any cases they claimed and they fully realized they could not proceed the case unless I signed a created confession.


The special unit was involved in my case even for a torture, which was a way to oppress me to make a false confession. In this process, it was necessary to interrogate me continuously for many cases until I was down. That was what happened in Hong Kong.


In my understanding, there was no reason why the special unit was involved in this illegal measure as they were less likely related to the electromagnetic operation.


This operation was fully controlled by the elites at the police intelligence in Japan, who did not trust the special unit. In Japan, this special unit is assumed to be one of the top judicial elites, but it is not true. The capable attorneys are assigned to this team, but they are basically out of the career line to the top.


On the other hand, the elites at the police intelligence have believed they are the main course, hence they should not share the information with the attorney special unit. The spies have not trusted their colleague police officers and there was no reason why they have relied more on the outside prosecutors.


It meant that the special unit was less like to be involved in the covert operation, including the electromagnetic one, hence there was no basis to render me harmless at any costs.


If that was the case, they should not have collaborated with the police intelligence in that depth, as they just lost their trust in my case as well. In my understanding, they were also deceived by the spy, though their arbitrary execution of power was also too much as well to be well investigated.


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