2-93 [Attorney’s last shot]: They raised a political scandal case to blackmail me

In the end, the attorney prosecutors halted their investigation in July 2012, even though the police has continued their own still with an illegal conduct and torture. The attorney general resigned and the special unit chief was replaced at that time, hence they had a good chance to be away with the illegal investigation.


This change was actually so significant that the Tokyo special unit stopped their own investigation unless the case was brought from other investigative authorities. They have had their own investigation team, independent from the police organization, which was why they played a unique role in the Japanese judicial system. They gave up this function especially for their independent inspection, which was a proof that their wrongdoing was too unacceptable for their internal ethics.


Although, they shot the last one with a political scandal. I just thought they should have halted their investigation against me after the new chief assumed, they leaked much information about the possible political case near to the Recruit scandal, which was one of the biggest in the last half century. It was a case about one of the airlines, which some of them got a confirmation to own their shares when they were under a bankruptcy law before it went to public again.


The whole story was just a lie, but they wrongly claimed that I was involved in this scandal as one of the main players. I knew why I was denounced as one of the main, but I had never seen that hidden equity. I was just thrown into despair as I had no idea why they claimed like this. It was just an intimidation to create a false confession and I thought they might not have been changed even if the new chief was helmed.


Their way was so wrong as they could have continued their investigation until to make a false confession to press a false charge when it was made by a total lie. There were many events I was involved in, hence if they added any lies like that, they could have continued their investigation as long as they wanted.


This political scandal was not a bluff but they really inspected, though it was impossible to pursue as there was no such case initially. It might be a bluff to see how I reacted to this search, but the leak was sizable enough to attract many eyes.


However, the truth was more like that the police intelligence and CIA spread a faked information which the special unit jumped on as the last shot. This issue was highly discussed within the media, which drove me to despair, though I had no intention to accept such a silly accusation.


Sooner or later, the special unit was out of the investigation and decided to locate themselves away from the crime creation and torture. That was eventually because they gave up their own inspection.


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